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is creating MoonZoon & Seed

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About Martin Kavík

Hi, I'm Martin. I write Rust frameworks.

I was fighting years in web development trenches. And it's the time to learn from the history and move to a sane language and libraries designed for productive work. So I decided to find or create such libraries. My goal is to save your time and money and bring joy back to web development.
Another problem is infrastructure/servers. It's sad when the developer is killing his time by infrastructure debugging and the project development is halted. Also taking care for both the code and servers may be stressful and lead to burn out or at least to reduced productivity.


I maintain the Rust frontend framework Seed for more than 2 years. I was working on it basically full-time and free. But it was a good time investment and there are freelancers (including me) and companies writing apps in Seed. The framework is production-ready and almost feature-complete. So if you like Elm architecture, don't hesitate to try it. There is a nice Seed community - you are very welcome to join our Seed Discord.


I currently focus on my second project - the Rust fullstack framework MoonZoon. It consists of four main parts

  • Zoon - the frontend framework
  • Moon - the backend framework
  • mzoon - CLI tool
  • MoonZoon Cloud - scalable hosting for MoonZoon projects

I write also [blog]( articles about MoonZoon and web development in general. If you want to ask questions and to know news as the first one, join our MoonZoon Discord.


What can I offer you when you become my sponsor?

  • A unique app development experience thanks to frameworks designed for productivity and reliability.

  • My support. I'm a problem solver and good at doing code reviews. I think all Discord members can confirm it.

  • I like to share knowledge. I would like to write an ebook "Fullstack Rust with MoonZoon".

  • Early access to the MoonZoon Cloud and probably a discount or a free account once it's stable.

  • If you are a Silver / Gold / Platinum Sponsor, we can talk about special offers.

  • Do you have other ideas?


Thank you very much. You are awesome.

P.S. If you want my full attention and knowledge, you can hire me when I have available capacity. I've written Seed apps, a proxy server and a full-text search library for my clients in Rust. My current hour rate:

  • $45 / 38€ / 950 Kč for MoonZoon app development.
  • $52 / 45€ / 1100 Kč for other projects.

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