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Creating a technical library, mathematics research, and articles.

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Echeveria - "Irish Mint"

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This tiny succulent is a great accent to any succulent garden, and this level of support helps to create a book review at least.

Cremnosedum - "Little Gem"

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This succulent forms tight clumps that add great color, and looks wonderful against river rocks. At this level of support, you're helping to create the equivalent of a podcast episode discussing mathematics, philosophy, and mathematical thinking in the "real world." 

Black Knight

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This succulent is a striking almost black succulent that is eye-popping despite its smaller size. At this level of support, you're funding the creation of an interesting post. Perhaps it's on the mathematics of erasure coding, or how queuing theory works, or why functional analysis is actually important. 



About The Math Citadel

The Math Citadel is a research firm in pure and applied mathematics, and a technical library.

We're starting a technical library that will be publicly available through moderately priced memberships. The library will provide a quiet workspace, as well as technical and academic resources previously unavailable to the general populace. Public libraries don't allocate much budget to the type of content engineers, data scientists, software developers, and other professionals need, and universities require an affiliation (professor, student, etc.) in order to even enter their libraries, let alone check books out. We also envision a better space to help the academic and business communities come together to collaborate, listen to lectures, and showcase their work to the city of Milwaukee. 

The Math Citadel is working towards a goal of opening a quiet technical library in Milwaukee, WI to supplement our research revenue and to provide a public service that has yet to ever be provided in this way. We'll be offering corporate memberships and individual memberships for those local to the Milwaukee area, but for those who believe in the mission and want to help The Math Citadel grow, this page will be for those who wish to support "remotely". 

Help support the Math Citadel's mission to bring mathematics research back to the forefront of the world. Your support helps us continue to create the research, videos, articles, podcasts, book reviews, and library we provide. Any amount of support helps to create an unignorable community that shows the value of mathematics to the rest of the word.

Visit us at The Math Citadel to see what we're all about.
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