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  • A supporter channel on my Discord. This is the only place where you can chat on my server for now, since moderation is something I don't want to deal with.
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About Matt Demers

Hey there! My name's Matt, and I'm fascinated by communities, content, and the way they intersect with our brains.

I'm revamping my Patreon after some time away in order to better accommodate what I've been creating lately. This content includes:

  • Tutorials and explainers for improving content, community, and social media for gaming creators.
  • Analysis of current industry trends, issues and news.
  • Personal takes on my relationship with gaming, especially when it comes to the intersection of mental health and the mindset of competition.
  • Reviews of manga, or other creative media that speaks to me.
  • Mental health work in general, especially when it intersects with work/life balance, and sustainable creativity.
  • Digital privacy, ownership, and critical thinking with regards to online media.
  • The concepts of being genuine, authentic and real in content, and how that intersects with parasocial relationships and online identity.
This Patreon will also support me as I work to do more lecture, stream and content work.

In general, I believe in providing insightful, imaginative content that helps to decipher the online world we live in, and my personal place in it.

Thanks for your time.
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My internet bill is the equivalent of $100 USD/month to provide a decent upload quality and streamworthiness. Hitting this milestone would help a ton in terms of being able to take a bill off of my list.
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