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Creating Compiler Explorer

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About Matt Godbolt

Hi! I'm Matt Godbolt, creator of Compiler Explorer.

Compiler Explorer is an open source website letting you explore how your C, C++, D, Fortran, Go, Rust, Ispc, Haskell, Swift, Pascal, Nim and Zig code is compiled into the machine code your computer actually runs. It's a great way to learn assembly code, to understand how compilers work, see what optimizations are possible, and to prove and disprove myths about what constitutes efficient code.

Compiler Explorer is my labour of love: it's been running since May 2012 and I funded the Amazon EC2 compute resources it needed myself until January 2017, when I set up this Patreon. Any amounts you pledge here go to helping foot the bill, and to incentivise more development.

I'm committed to keeping Compiler Explorer free and open source for the good of the development community. If you find it useful and want to contribute to its development and running, I'd love your support. Because I want it to be free to all, there's not much fancy extra patron-only features, but you get plenty of coder karma. Depending on the level of patronage you select I might put some stickers in the post for you (cost permitting), or maybe something more, but the site is the same for both Patreon supporters and all others.

You can support Compiler Explorer by becoming a patron here, by sponsoring me on GitHub, or by visiting the online shop and buying some merchandise.

Costs breakdown

Compiler Explorer's main site runs on several c5.large AWS instances (anywhere between two and sixteen, depending on load). We have a few instances to build compilers, administrate, and run staging and beta instances. All in all a typical month costs $300 in instances.

In order to support this scalability, and to allow for rolling site updates, there's a load balancer in front of the site. That costs around $20/month. CloudFront caching adds another $70.  Online storage for all the compiler binaries comes in at another $140/month. I use Papertrail to store and process logs, and to send me alerts when things are broken. This another $15 a month. I use to track client bugs, which costs $26/month. There's some other yearly costs for domains and certificates.

In total, the site costs me around $600 a month.
$1,828.90 of $4,096 per month
I...feel I have to have a much higher level, just to have a goal. There's really no chance we'll ever get here. I don't even know what I'd do if we get here. But, one can dream! :)
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