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About Midnight Breakfast

Midnight Breakfast is a free online literary magazine publishing a diverse selection of fiction, nonfiction, interviews, and visual art that we hope will spark conversation. Our mission is to show respect for the process and the challenge of creating original, dynamic work by paying our contributors.

In the Spring of 2014 we successfully raised $12,000 through online crowdfunding, enough money to allow us to pay our writers and artists for twelve issues of Midnight Breakfast, all available for free to you, our readers. Now we’re asking you to become a Patreon subscriber to help us publish four issues a year.

By subscribing to us through this service you become an old-school patron-of-the-arts through new-school means, offering your steady support to a diverse group of writers and illustrators whose work you believe will make the world a richer place and to the dedicated staff that brings that work to life. Midnight Breakfast will remain free to all, but we plan to reward our patrons with our effusive internet love and a number of exclusive bonuses and opportunities, depending on how much you can spare.

We're really depending on all of you, our readers, to help keep our humble publication alive and well. The goodwill we've received since we started publishing has been nothing short of inspiring, and we hope to continue to impress and surprise you with your patronage. It's incredibly idealistic, we know, to promise to pay our contributors and our staff for their work, but it's an ideal we can achieve with your support. Help us keep the conversation going and please subscribe today.


(Cover image illustration by Vivian Shih)

Questions? Give us a holler at hello(at)midnightbreakfast(dot)com.
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At $900 we'll be able to pay our contributors and cover the overhead costs of maintaining our site.
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