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About Steve Faktor

I twirled for years as a bear in a corporate tutu, scrubbing my words of anything interesting, resisting eating my trainer. When I finally got the nerve to bare my I ideas in public, many bought my book, read my articles, followed me on LinkedIn, signed up for my newsletter, and said nice things. But even without my tutu, I was still dancing to someone else's song. I straddled this uncomfortable middle - interesting and humorous, but never truly honest. Never truly me. Only occasional glimmers.

I was scared. What if the unfiltered me isn't good enough? What would friends, employers or clients think? I'm not exactly Mr. Rogers. My ideas are edgy. My humor is biting. And I don't easily fit into little boxes. I really need to Jazzercise... 

Today, my biggest fear is living as a functional facsimile of the real me. I'm finally clear on what I need to say and how I'm going to say it. I'm finally creating work that I'm not only proud of, but scares me. It's raw, deep, truthful, useful and devilishly funny. 

For the first time, I'm creating a show I would personally choose over others I consider terrific, like Freakonomics, Planet Money, Tim Ferris, and Adam Carolla. And I'm a harsher critic than anyone else will ever be.

The McFuture podcast has three main building blocks: tech, economics and culture. All three marinade in my experiences (and outrageous ironies) from years of doing innovation, finance, and futurism work for some of the world's biggest companies.

Some episodes will be philosophical, some funny, some out there. But all have a purpose, a point. While each is a standalone idea, they're all building blocks for my next book on the one key to succeeding in our virtualized future.

Since I'm balancing this and work obligations, I can't do heavily-researched deep dives every episode. Expect about three episodes a month, including some lighter, quicker ones. As the show becomes more self-sustaining through Patreon, sponsorships and live events, I'll move to a regular weekly schedule and add video, live feeds, bonus content. It's all up to you!

Thanks for reading, supporting and helping spread the word!

PS - Though my main focus is on creating great content, I'll do my best to reply to your comments and suggestions on Patreon or email ([email protected]).

PPS - here's a rough but entertaining older video, where I take a bit too long to explain the context for The McFuture: 

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