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Creating Character Design Resources,Vectors & HTML5 Apps

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About Melissa K. Vassar-Belloso

    I am an autistic writer,artist and beginning HTML5 developer with a special passion for character design.I am also a mental health/disability survivor and advocate as well as a survivor of trauma and domestic abuse. I appreciate you stopping by and showing an interest in my work.I do a bunch of stuff for non-patrons and followers but you can also join me on my creative journey for as low as $3/month!

    If you aren't interested in characters and just art & writing, I also now have a $1 and $5 tier set just for those things.

    I am currently pursuing funding,creating and self-publishing a creative book series but I also write articles, create vector characters and do a lot of other creative projects while on my path to doing that.

    Learn more about me and why I chose Patreon in this post!

    Check out my 2022 forecast in this post

    Curious about what I'm doing or when to expect something to be posted? You can now view my Project Dashboard to stay in the loop!

    If you would like to support my work but can't make a monthly commitment you can also support me using Kofi! All Ko-fi contributions $5+ now qualify for 1-4 character requests!

    Follow me on Twitter via @themeinav for art,characters and more all week!

    You can also support me by checking out my store where I sell some different designs (mostly mandalas) on housewares,clothing,drinkware and more! Check it out now at!

    Not sure what to look at? Here are all my current featured tags!
    All Non-Patron Content

    News & Updates has all of my news and project updates.
    Sampler Characters is for unarchived and past archives of sampler characters
    Manga Creator is for my Manga Creator collections
    Fanpro Friday is for Fanpro Friday posts
    Flash Jams is for flash jam posts
    Character Challenges contains any design challenges or sheets I've posted

    Patron Exclusive Content

    Patron Digests is for unarchived and past archives of patron exclusive characters
    NSFW/Triggering Works is for any art or writing I post that is either not safe for work,mental health related or otherwise containing material that may be viewed as sensitive or triggering a general audience. Please view these works at your own risk.

    Patron and Non-patron Content

    *=mostly patron content/limited non-patron content

    *Reviews & Articles is for things like first looks at websites,products,asset kits etc. as well as creative articles.
    Resources & Information has things like FAQs and general information
    Polls & Surveys is where you can find any current polls or surveys on content I currently have open.
    *SFW/General Works has any written or drawn content I've posted that is general audience friendly.
    *Content Previews has anything that counts as a content reveal.
    Character Requests is for character request and suggestion posts
    Creative Resources contains things like the archived twitter inspirations and other creative references
    *Case Studies & Tutorials contains things like character case studies and tutorials
    *Character Sheets contains character sheets and other generated character concepts
    *Downloadable Resources contains any downloads I have available

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    • Access to read any news or updates I post about my projects and life
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    • 8 character Fanpro Friday Digest every third week or when possible (on hiatus)
    • Limited access to SFW art/writing content I post (poetry mostly not included)
    • Light access to suggest characters
    • 2022 Sampler Digests:3/18,6/18,9/16 & 12/16

    Becoming a patron makes you part of my creative journey and has the following benefits!

                       Very Important Content Notes for Those Considering Being a Patron!   

    • Patreon will be switching to filtering who sees posts by tiers instead of by monetary amount as of November 7,2018. If you are thinking about hopping on as a patron please be aware that if you pledge with no reward or outside of a tier you may have hiccups seeing content. The only content I currently post for "all patrons" is the Character Inspiration Digest. Everything else is tier specific. 
    • As of June 2020 Patreon will be generating a sales tax on pledges when applicable. It will be based on the region you live in and not the region I live in so I can't anticipate who it will affect or how much it will be.
    • As of October 2019 I have switched to charging up front so you will be charged immediately once you sign on as a patron and then the first of every month following that. I had some issues with people pledging,accessing content and then canceling the pledge and leaving before it went through so I'm switching payment setup to prevent any future content theft and prevent a few headaches. It also means I'm going to be much less reluctant to post more patron content while people are trickling in. 
    • Are you a family member,friend or someone who actually "knows" me? Please be advised BEFORE you pledge that if you are uncomfortable or triggered by knowing too much about me that my Patreon content is not censored or filtered in depth. I have had  friends and family members in the recent past decide that me writing about being an actual human being with thoughts and feelings was triggering or toxic to them. It's not fair to me as a creator or as a person with rights to allow that to stifle my voice here. I do not censor,sugarcoat or tailor Patreon content to those who feel uncomfortable with me being too real and I do not refund pledges based on it either so if you know you can't handle who I am at 150% intensity then don't waste my time or yours by becoming a patron. 
    • Are you sensitive to,triggered by or bothered by mental health related content? Please be advised BEFORE you pledge that if you are uncomfortable or triggered easily by mental health related content that my posts already have and will in the future contain it. I am a person who not only lives with multiple disabilities but I do write about my experiences and views on it. I may also post more art and poetry reflective of it in the future. I do not issue pledge refunds based on the criteria of you being "triggered" by a disabled person having a voice and actually being a real human being with thoughts and feelings, so please take this into consideration prior to placing a pledge if you suspect this may be an issue for you. 

    Please Note:
    I produce some perks as needed, so when I have no active patrons in a certain tier some things  won't be made.

    Patron Avatar & Owl Samples

    Read the Full Catalog of Patron Perks here for more details and an FAQ!
    • Access to viewing all finished artwork and poetry (all tiers)
    • 30 Day early access to any written articles on creative topics and access to any writing I do on mental health topics and any NSFW artwork I do (all tiers)
    • Access to artwork processes and WIPs (all tiers)
    • Discord access (all tiers)
    • Access to the Patron Hub to participate in surveys,submit Q & A questions,view archived and exclusive HTML5 demos and hopefully a lot more moving forward. Surveys do not apply for owl tiers.
    • Access to submit unlimited character requests ($3+ except for serious owl)
    • A monthly character digest of 15 characters ($3+ except for serious owl)
    • Content and book previews ($5+)
    • A customized owl avatar ($5 only)
    • A patron avatar ($7+)
    • Access to special offer vector packs when I have promotions running ($7+)
    • 1 Weekly character with multiple looks and a profile ($12+)
    • A 5-character vector pack download each month for non-commercial use ($25+)
    • An option to download the weekly character for non-commercial use ($25+)
    • +1 special offer vector collection when I'm running a promotion ($25+)
    • Commercial use of character requests,vector downloads and weekly characters (including special offer packs) for $40 patrons

    Next Newsletter/6 Sampler Characters:May 1, 2022
    Q2 Summary:July 2-5 2022
    Next Fanpro Friday:TBA (currently archiving gen I)
    Next Sampler Digest:June 17,2022
    Next Character Inspiration Digest: April 30,2022
    2022 Flash Jam: November 25,2022
    Next Manga Creator Event: March 2023

    Please Note: All of my past blogs are in the process of being restored to meet my new patron content guidelines.. They should be available again by the end of 2021  to mid 2022

    [Active] The Character Designer's series is all about a brand new way to tackle character design. The series is the ideal guide for learning to develop a character inside and out and not just another how-to-draw series.Whether you're a roleplayer,writer, artist, or even an aspiring manga-ka the series can help you create a well-rounded and unique character for any project.

    Learn more or read the book sample now!

    [Open for Registration] Just Draw is an oekaki I set up to be a drama-free creative safespace for those stuck at home during the pandemic. It is 100% free to use and doesn't require any skill tests or drawing samples. You can register on the board at !

    Looking for my HTML5 work?
    You can now go to this page for all of my programming demos and HTML5 projects. I am currently working when I can at learning HTML5 so the page will basically have any tutorials,documentation and demos available for the projects I’m working on or have already built. Most of them right now will just be small projects I’m doing for the purpose of learning specific skills and functions but I’m working toward some fuller apps and maybe some character builders in the future.
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