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About Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, my name is Mecyll Gaspary, and I am originally from the Philippines, who moved to Germany to live with my husband, who I have missed a lot after we separated for around 2 years due to the long distance. He had to return to his homeland, while I stayed to fix all the papers we need to be together (again, after almost 4 years of LDR before we got married in 2017). 

I decided to set up a Patreon page to provide me more avenues to explore my writing life while inviting you to support me along the way. Choosing this path wasn't easy for me, especially for a non-native speaker. It took time before I learned the SECRET to attracting high-paying clients and earned a decent amount of income to support my family. 

Since I am not a native speaker, it was difficult to find writing jobs. So, I forced myself to explore other ways to generate at least some bucks so none of us will starve and get into financial trouble. I forced myself to write different things, which most of them aren't the ones I TRULY desire to work on for a long time. 

Unfortunately, as much as I want to continue writing the topics I CARE most, I am honestly afraid that that decision could lead to undesirable consequences, such as my inability to support my family and ensure that I can put food on the table. As a result, I am in deep confusion right now. It is why I NEED YOUR HELP.

Help me build my dream to give myself permission TO WRITE THE WORDS IN MY HEART. I want to translate my crazy thoughts and aspirations into something you can read and appreciate. Help me sustain myself as a writer because I know I cannot rely on finding clients for that all the time. 

I want to give myself permission to be creative as a writer. And I miss it so badly. 

Through your support, I can slowly gear myself towards that dream WITH YOU. I know this isn't possible without your help. Even for a few bucks, it is already a BIG HELP to reach those dreams. Those dreams I had when I was a child. I hope you would be there to support me, as we learn many things together by writing and sharing each other's lessons. 

As a non-native speaker, I want to give hope to billions of writers from developing countries by showing them an example that nothing is impossible - as long as you DREAM BIG. With that, I hope that you will be with me and share each other's journey TOGETHER. God bless you!

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