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About Michele Karmin

(welcome video coming soon!)
Well hello there... Thank you for stopping by to hear about my new music project. I look forward to having you on this journey with me! With my excitement to create music I am always a bit terrified as well to showcase it, but I believe that can be a good sign. This Patreon launch means a lot of things.. but most importantly it is pushing me through those artist growing pains and also allowing you become an integral part of this new chapter with me. I know your support and communication will be a great inspiration to release more music, more frequently and with so much more purpose!

It is easy to stay comfortable in certain areas of life, but I have learned if we don't push through our innate creative need to expand and nurture the gifts God offers us, we can easily become ingrown. And like a plant pot that has become too small, if we do not take the chance and move ourselves into a better growing environment, we can become "pot bound" experiencing little to no growth and obviously unable to produce good fruit. (After this launch I will tell you my story about how I accidentally grew 56 tomato plants last summer.. I had to buy a lot of pots bc I felt terrible not giving them the opportunity to grow into their potential. I could have become a tomato farmer at that point!)

This Patreon launch is the equivalent of me hopping into new ground and I believe all of you who become a part of this project, will not only help to nurture the creative process of the new songs I am releasing, but also inspire me to push through new levels of music creation. It is a beautiful thing to share as an Artist but it takes incredible vulnerability. Yet it is this vulnerability that also makes the art tangible and relatable. You all are helping me to embrace this part and I sincerely thank you for that!

One of my favorite quotes is "Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide" -dw winnicott. This quote in itself is the only valid reason why I have written hundreds of songs yet have released maybe .009% of them. I do think too much at times, which can be a road block, but it is that very part of me that also propels my creative drive. But now I have made friends with the roadblocks and the vulnerability-  I sat down.. I talked to them. I now know they don't always mean harm but they are a part of my life for a good reason. Understanding them makes the machine run better. Through this journey I will be telling you more about these new "friends" of mine.

I have spent the last nine years traveling, writing and playing music for a living, most of which were cover shows. I developed a song list of over 200+ songs that I truly enjoyed recreating live. As a self taught pianist, I used every show as part of my training and learning. These shows helped unwrap many parts of my craft. However more than covers, I love to write and produce original songs, and today I can proudly create and produce music independently because of those years. However in order to do this efficiently I had to get off the road. For the last two years I was traveling over 2000 miles a month, trying to focus on shows and also focus on production and new music. I realized one or the other always suffered by spreading myself too thin. My healthy goal now is to create the new album with full attention and then jump back on the road for shows with my full attention.

Through your support of my music here on Patreon I will be sharing with you my new original songs and also old music revised! I will be creating lyric videos, regular music videos, live performances and of course releasing the individual songs for distribution via itunes, spotify, etc. I will also be sharing blurbs of my writing and poetry, and behind the scenes footage, pics and audio snippets of songs or my wandering thoughts that you can get via RSS feed.  Please see the reward tiers for the type of perks you will get by becoming a supporter. 

There are many calls for support all over the planet. It took me a long time to build up the courage to create this page because I did not feel validated asking for any kind of patronage from anyone when there are people dying of disease and illness every day, weather disasters displacing families, animals that need help, people that need help and the list goes on. I was blocking out the idea with feelings of inadequacy which also blocked any seed from being nurtured beyond my own potential. 

We are in a very independent music era now. There is more music consumption than ever before and more creators. Its incredible! Independents have truly taken over a big a part of the music industry experiencing creative freedom. But even more than that, YOU, the music lovers, the listeners, and the die hard fans have truly taken over the reign. You are no longer limited to your listening experience and that is a great freedom.

Music is a healer. And while the consumption of music increases I believe that sends a BIG message that the world is in need of more healing. So I began to look at this differently. I may only be one creator but if I can shed some light, or some healing into a life through my own experience or channeling of thoughts, than maybe that can be a chain reaction that later links to some kind of greater healing for larger matters of the world. Or... maybe all I do is just help make the wine taste better as you relax after work (lol) Either way, I realized I am no good to anyone if I do not at least try to do my part in a greater way. One of my goals (literally for the last ten years I am ashamed to say) is to have a "little artist" sing this inspirational song I wrote many years ago and then give that song entirely to a children's charity (st jude, CHOP to start). I have hopes to make that a reality in the near future. And there are no more excuses for me now.

A career in this industry can be an expensive endeavor. Your support will not only give me great purpose and inspiration, but also grant me the time to bring the songs to life, create the music production and all that comes with it so I can send it all right back to YOU, the wonderful people in my life, encouraging and believing in the music I create. Your support will go to financing cd manufacturing, equipment, hiring help (God knows I need it! maybe a therapist too, ha), music videos, mixing and mastering, touring, and more!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH (from the bottom of my sappy cheesy heart) for reading this and I look forward to sharing and creating with YOU!

Much Much Love and Many Blessings xo - Michele Karmin
(March 2018)

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