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About Mike Buchanan

Welcome to my Patreon page. I was the founder and leader of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) (2013-2022) and remain the leader of the renamed party, Children & Family Party. The video above is the new party's launch video. The 94-page manifesto for the next general election (May 2024 latest) is here.

I created the website Laughing at Feminists in 2020 and I still run it. 

In 2009, at the age of 52, I took early retirement from a successful business career to devote the remainder of my life to challenging the toxic ideology of feminism, which relentlessly seeks ever more female privilege regardless of the costs to men and children (boys in particular), not gender equality. Only 9% of British women (and 4% of British men) self-identify as feminists according to a survey conducted for the Fawcett Society, a feminist charity. 

In 2012 I launched Campaign for Merit in Business, in the light of numerous longitudinal studies demonstrating a causal link between increasing female representation on boards, and corporate financial DECLINE. I presnted the evidence to a House of Commons inquiry later that year. 

I launched the British political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) - J4MB - in 2013 and led it until May 2020, when I passed the leadership to Elizabeth Hobson, 31, the party's Director of Communications since 2018. Elizabeth stepped down from the position in March 2021, after realising that her new full-time job would not leave her with the time and energy required to lead the party. I re-assumed the leadership role the same day.

J4MB remained the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys in many areas. Those rights have long been assaulted by the actions and inactions of the British state, almost always to privilege woman and girls. The party explored 20 such areas in its 2015 general election manifesto.

I am responsible for organizing future International Conferences on Men's Issues (ICMIs) in Europe and organized the London conferences in 2016 and 2018. The J4MB YouTube channel has playlists of the videos of all the presentations at ICMIs to date (2014-21), the Messages 4 Men conferences (London, 2017-19) and the first National Conference on Men's Issues in the UK, in 2020, "Domestic Abuse is a Men's Issue, Too". I was the conference director of the online 2020 ICMI and the online 2021 ICMI and I'm currently negotiating with a venue in Budapest to host an in-person ICMI in the summer of 2024. 

This is an appeal for support to help me meet my living expenses, given that my full-time work for J4MB - and now the Children & Family Party - has effectively stopped me from engaging in paid employment for the past 12+ years. I also have a Bitcoin account 1EfWxqDAtgJDCR3tVpvVj4fXSuUu4S9WJf

I have lived in the beautiful market town of Bedford, England, for the past 25+ years. You can email me at [email protected] or call me on 07967 026163.

Thank you for your support.

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