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Exclusive access to the FIRST CLASS stream featuring early access to all my major releases, exclusive content, unreleased recordings, behind the scenes videos, early demos, stories, lyrics, polls, conversations, surprises, travels, and plans. Bells and whistles, y’all.


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You'll score exclusive invites to the First Class Happy Hour Hang sessions. Via video chat, our private group will relax and catch up with each other. I might play a tune, or we might play a game or tell travel stories...just good ol' fashioned hangs where we can interact with each other. I'll be looking forward to these throughout the year.
You'll ALSO score exclusive access to a private Spotify playlist of some of my very favorite songs that I'll curate for our ears only.
On top of ALL THAT, you'll wield an exclusive VIP discount and first dibs on all music and merch orders at mikementz.com.


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You'll score EXCLUSIVE voting power in First Class. Weigh in on types of posts, song choices for shows, story topics...you'll wield power to help steer sporadic parts of the adventure throughout the year.
In ADDITION, I will CHEERS you personally on camera in my annual critically acclaimed (panned) CHEERS FROM SOMEWHERE AWESOME video. I may or may not be intoxicated, and my love for you will be enthusiastically on display. This will be my favorite day of gratitude of the whole year, and I can’t wait to see who will join.
PLUS: get a Personalized Recorded Song (sent to you or any person you choose) once per year.



About Mike Mentz

Hi and WELCOME TO FIRST CLASS! I'm Mike Mentz, and I'll be your Captain. I'm a singer, songwriter, and traveler. This immersive space is for my innermost circle of fans, friends, and travelers, and I couldn’t be happier that you’re here.

If you’re like me, and you want life to be an adventure, you’re in the right place.
Cheers, and read on.

For the last 10 years, I've thrown myself into exploring this incredible world and making the best things I can, working to pioneer a frontier where music and travel can intertwine to more vibrantly connect us to each other. I wake up every morning feeling grateful -- I can't believe I get to do what I do.

And I'm intensely aware that the biggest reason I'm able to travel and make music for a living is because of the people who support me....YOU.

YOU are the reason I get to take chances making genuine things.

THANK YOU. I created this space and named it First Class because y’all are MY PEOPLE, and I want to set you up with the very best seats to join me on this adventure…


Patreon is a dandy little platform where you and I can connect more directly. It allows you to jump more fully into the music and adventures I create while empowering you to actually help fuel everything I make.

Posting stuff on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube from time to time is fine, but for a while now I've wanted a much more intimate space where I can more freely and wholeheartedly share with you. I want you to be able to experience these adventures WITH me and at the same time actively help power them by supporting my efforts with some dollars and getting in on some wicked cool rewards!

Said dollars FUEL MUSIC. They fund videos. They power hours of planning and writing, mixing and mastering, editing and design, partnerships and experimentation. These dollars allow me to do MORE, better, faster and to work with brilliant people.

In addition to polishing some select tunes and videos I've recorded/filmed in places like Thailand and India, I’m currently working on the biggest project I’ve thought up yet. It’s ambitious, and I estimate it will take about 5 years of concentrated effort.

I don't have a big music label fronting money for any of this stuff. Everything you see and hear is independently made with passion and care.

Without your continued support, I can’t make this stuff. I'd be honored to have your help and your trust, and in exchange I’ve got some really cool things for you...

REWARDS (Check out the full list on this page!)

My First Class patrons travel with PERKS.
In exchange for your sweet sweet patronage, I'll set you up with some exclusive First Class rewards. Jump into this adventure with early VIP viewing of everything I create, exclusive/insider access to some stuff I'll only release to my First Class fam, invitations to secret hangs, private FaceTime performances, join the MILE HIGH CLUB and have your name on my damn guitar case...

No matter which one feels right to you, you'll be a vital part of this adventure, and we'll have some fun.


Do I have to pay in US Dollars? Nope - You can pay in any currency, and it will be converted into US dollars automatically!

How often will you release things?
I'm planning on this being an active space. Think one major release each month, ongoing insider updates, and a smattering (yes I said a smattering) of exclusive content throughout the year that you can only experience as a member of First Class.

I don't have much money, can I still become a Patron?
Yes, please only sign up to give what you can afford. Even $1 per month adds up, and I'm grateful! :)

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yes, of course! You can log in to change or cancel your pledge whenever you want.

How long have you lived out of a suitcase? Roughly 8 years and counting.

I'm still confused. Can you help me?
Absolutely! If you have questions about using Patreon or encounter any problems with the signup process, the Patreon support team is really friendly and helpful! You can send them a message by clicking here. If you have questions specifically about my page or rewards, my music, or just want to say hi, you can send me a message directly that only I answer the second you become a Patron!

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