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per creation
  • Base Map – Hi-Res base weekly map
    • gridded
    • gridless
  • Map variant – 1 additional map variant of the base weekly map
    • night or
    • different weather, season, or time of day
  • VTT Maps – maps optimized to use on all Virtual Tabletops
  • Polls – vote in patron-only polls
  • Discord Server – our server where we announce stuff and chat with patrons
  • Commercial License – commercial usage of all $3 tier battlemaps
  • Library access to all the previously released maps of this tier and Patron-only rewards
  • Our huge thanks
Includes Discord benefits


per creation
  • All map variants 7+ variants of the base weekly map
  • Multiple floors/levels extra levels of the base weekly map, when applicable
  • Unfurnished version – walls and floors only, ready for furnishing with your favorite assets and props
  • Assets – asset pack used in every map creation
  • Printable PDFs all gridded maps in Hi-Res PDFs, ready to print
  • FoundryVTT content – current month map module, preloaded with walls and lighting. After two months the module is accessible through Moulinette Cloud or at $10 Tinkerer tier.
  • Request a variant – request a simple map change: a different color, overlay, or night. Applicable to the members od our Discord server.
  • Commercial License – commercial usage of all our battlemaps
  • Master Library access to all map-related content
  • Everything from the previous tier
  • Our sincere appreciation
Includes Discord benefits


per creation
  • Advanced FoundryVTT modules – more complex content using modules such as Multilevel Tokens and Token Attacher. Cut the prep time with preloaded walls and lighting and already installed passages between maps.
  • Monthly FoundryVTT modules – all our maps sorted by months. Each monthly pack consists of 4 map packs.
  • Ongoing FoundryVTT module – module that consists of all the  battlemaps we ever created.
  • Additional Content – extra art, such as tokens, modular assets, and other FoundryVTT creations
  • Private Discord – access to a private channel
  • Access to everything we ever created
  • No extra charge – charging patrons occurs with the released battlemap pack. All content on this tier is released at no additional cost
  • Our eternal gratitude
Includes Discord benefits




per creation

About MikWewa Maps


We are Mikey and Wewa, two artists who create hand-drawn battlemaps and assets. We are also creating ready-to-play modules for FoundryVTT.

  • Our Patreon supporters get full access to our back catalog of TTRPG battlemaps and special FoundryVTT modules. Maps are provided at full resolution, watermark-free, and with grid/gridless options.
  • Creating content is our full-time job, and we could use all the support, help, feedback, and advice.
  • Each month, we release 4 map packs. Note: you will only be charged for the actual number of released map packs. You can limit your pledge to be charged only 1 time, but still receive all the monthly benefits.
  • Our battlemaps are suitable for print and VTT software, such as Foundry VTT, Roll20, and any other VTT.

If you are our patron, you can use our battlemaps of the pledged tier commercially, as stated in our Commercial License.

If a subscription-based model is not your cup of tea, we have a Roll20 Marketplace store, where you can buy our maps for a one-time fee and either download or directly implement them in your games.

If you seek adventures, NPCs, monsters, rulebooks, and more awesome written stuff, head over to our other Patreon dedicated to writing - MikWewa Tales.

Our latest battlemap: The Swamp Witch Hut (Part 2/4) [30x30]

We have four different reward tiers, and you can choose based on your needs. By joining us, you get access to our Discord server, where we discuss ideas for our content. To get a sneak peek into our work, check out the showcase below. ▼

If you wish to support us, become a Patron
$1,000 - reached! per creation
When we reach massive $1000 per map pack, we will make multi-floor pyramid!


Goal reached!

Wow! We're without words. This is massive and thank you wholeheartedly. Pyramid spans on 5 floors and it's filled with many dungeon goodies!

Check it out here!

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