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Creating stuff to help people fall in love with their lives again 💕

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About Minessa Konecky

Not feeling like shit is a process, and it requires daily intention. What I found in my healing journey was that it’s challenging to create a pathway to heal my soul, identify opportunities for financial security, and live up to the person I thought I was supposed to be. 

Like you, I thought they were different things. I staunchly maintained the separation of work and business for years - trying to fit healing in around all my other obligations. I hid key parts of myself from myself because I was afraid of rejection and judgement from my peers and people I bought were in control of my financial health.

I realized that the entire premise upon which we build our businesses is false. And the reason why we all struggle with feeling like we’ve earned the right to rest is because the entire ga,e of money making is rigged to keep you from getting there.

Hey Dude! I’m Minessa - a business coach here to guide you on your journey to stop feeling like shit about things you do or don’t do to make money, and start feeling amazing and confident in your business choices. The rest of the world thinks that to run a successful business. 
  1. you have to stay up all night
  2. Sacrifice your holidays and special occasions
  3. Fit work into every waking moment now for a payoff sometime in the future

I’ve helped thousands of business owners find success doing the exact OPPOSITE of those things. These are people who now:

  • 🎉 Charge insane prices for their products and services because they feel CONFIDENT doing so
  • 🎉 Choose what they do each day based off their families’ needs and their current situation, rather than forcing it into a mold

I spent way too many years beating myself up for all the things I did wrong, for feeling shame at not reaching the potential everyone else said I should if I just, “applied myself.” Eventually I I realized that I wasn’t the problem (and neither are you💖). It was the framework that I was being forced into that was causing my lack of growth.

I began to run my business my way, and everything changed for me. I showed my students how, and everything changed for them too. 

What You'll Find in our Patreon Community

A community of business & marketing professionals who are also breaking societal norms. Because many of them are neurodivergent, parents or caregivers, or living with chronic mental & physical illness - they know how to support you.

This journey is hard…it sucks to do it alone. I’m here with you, right by your side.

How You Help to Pay it Forward

I have a vision of the future for business owners that doesn’t require us to feel bad about ourselves for the choices we make if they don’t fit into the mold.

I believe that we can get to a point where being neurodivergent or chronically ill or prioritizing your family and yourself over working doesn’t have to mean a death sentence for your business. Your contributions help me:

  1. Continue to create content that offers another point of view and challenges the framework that makes us think that we are the problem. 
  2. Pay my amazing team to continue to find and develop more resources, show up every day to support the community with the technical and business help you need.
You have already begun your journey towards feeling better about your business choices, but there are so many people out there who don’t even know there is a way out. They feel like they’re stuck being failures forever, with no options, because there’s something inherently wrong with them. I want to reach those people, even if it’s through the smallest Tik Tok to give them a little hope. Your contributions help me to create content that makes it happen.

Thank you for helping to pay it forward.

P.S. You will be charged when you first sign up & then on the 1st of every month going forward. You can stop at any time. http://www.patreon.com/minessa

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