Adeel Ahmad

Adeel Ahmad

Creating the Misophonia Podcast

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About Adeel Ahmad

Welcome! As you might know, I’ve been doing the podcast myself since late 2019. And every week I bring a different conversation with someone who suffers from misophonia (plus occasionally a therapist or researcher). These conversations go deep into the lives of people with miso, with stories that most of us can relate to. It’s been incredibly therapeutic to me, as a misophone, to hear these stories. It’s been even more amazing to hear from listeners all over the world write to me and tell me how much these stories are helping them.

Now, you have the option to support the show through Patreon! Of course, this will help pay for hosting costs on Buzzsprout. But that’s honestly not that much per month. I have bigger goals to help the show reach more people. 

The first goal is TRANSCRIPTS! Accurate transcriptions cost money. Even though I carefully edit the audio of each episode to remove as many trigger sounds as possible, the fact is many people still don’t want to risk listening to a recording of people talking. Here’s how transcripts would help the community:
  • reach people who would rather just read the conversation
  • Give researchers free content to use for researching treatment
  • Make these stories more searchable and accessible to more people googling for answers
EVERYONE who supports the show will get a personal shout-out at the beginning of the show (don’t worry, just first names unless you want to stay anonymous!). The rewards for the other tiers will evolve over time as I figure this out! But know your support is helping a lot of people. On behalf of myself and them, THANK YOU. Wishing you peace, and quiet.

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