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(Yes, I am so original that I am naming the tiers after my cats. Judge away.) You support me, and I love you! You get access to stuff that is nowhere else on social media! Aren't YOU special? (yes, yes you are)


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Access! And you get it BEFORE the Lucky people (get it?) do, and once a month, I will do a video of some sort (song, blog, who even KNOWS) JUST FOR YOU! 

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First, I promise to not shave your fur into a lion cut like I had to do with the real Graham Cracker. MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will get your Video Of Excitingness TWICE a month, instead of ONE! And, of course, love and hugs.



About Cat Smith, Miss Nerdstiles

This whole Patreon thing is a little terrifying for me, but here goes - after spending DECADES trying to make it as a legit actor and getting constantly told by Big Entertainment that I was too weird-looking, medium-sized, or too much of an alto, or living in the wrong place, or any of the other depressing things I was told as I pounded those pavements into smithereens - I accidentally reinvented myself with a ukulele and the fandom life I had been ignoring for a long time. I stepped up my cosplay game, began slowly writing my own songs (as opposed to the parodies I had been doing for years), and now I play these and nerdy covers at cons and other nerdy venues. I run uke-fests and uke-jams (mmmm, jam), I give lessons, and I foster starter ukes to give away, so others can also experience the life-changing awesome that I got from this tiny wee instrument. I'm the reigning Miss Nerdstiles! I inherited the crown from absolutely no one, because I made it up, and now I am batting great big cow eyes at YOU, saying HI, thanks for reading this far, and hoping you might be so lovely as to chuck a cyber-buck into my cyber-hat every so often - I'll be able to make more things, and YOU, as an amazing sponsor, will be the VERY FIRST to get them - heck, sometimes you will be the ONLY ONES to get them! Can you STAND the excitement??
But seriously...thank you. From the bottom of my heart. In advance. I couldn't do this without you.
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Honestly, I'm going to aim for regular uploads of New Stuff for you, my lovely benefactors - but if we hit this goal of $200 per month, I will begin a series of exclusive, online-only concerts - and I will even take requests!
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