Creating an Ultima Online Server Emulator for the modern era

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    About ModernUO

    ModernUO is changing Ultima Online Server Emulation forever!

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    Here is what we are improving over the RunUO/ServUO:
    • Written in C# .NET Core 3.1 & .NET 5
    • Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    On the roadmap:
    • Distribution runs WITHOUT .NET installed.
    • Content split into separate packs by era.
    • No world saves! Also means no lost data.
    • Much faster network stack using Pipes and stateless packet methods.
    • OAuth - Stop users from easily creating accounts.
    • 2FA - Stop password stealing altogether.
      • Email, Discord Bot, SMS, FCM (Mobile Auth)
    • Database support for world data, IP logging, accounting, etc.
    • Player data that is inactive is ejected from memory and lazy loaded when needed.
    • Resources (gold, reagents, logs, ore, ingots, etc) are a single pooled object.
      • Lowers garbage collection and memory allocations.
    • Login Gateway that can run on a separate server.
    • Replace Timer system with a timer wheel that runs magnitudes faster.
    • GM and Admins administered externally:
      • Web app, Discord, and Slack
    • Bugs... lots of fixed bugs!

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