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Everybody matters here, and I'm so glad that you've chosen to support me and my music. You'll get access to all my Patron-only posts, which will include me ruminating on various things rattling around in my cluttered brain, helping me to decide what I should write funny parody songs about, and sometimes access to new music as I am writing it! You'll also be able to:
  • Download demos
  • Early access to all releases
  • Access to virtual concerts & online chats (coming soon!)
  • Access Patron-only posts 
  • General Support

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This is an incredibly generous amount to give an unknown artist, and I am floored by your support. At this level, you'll get:
  • CD copy of my latest CD release each year (for 2022, because I've moved to a singles release model, the CD will be manufactured at the end of the year and will contain all the music I released this year - as well as some Patreon exclusive content & some surprises!)
  • Early access to all releases before they're available to the general public
  • Access to download fully-produced Cover Song of the Month (coming soon!)
  • Additional gifts at the end of the year
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • CD copy of my latest release
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At this level, your support is truly helping me create my art! PLUS: At this level, you'll get a shout out in the liner notes and web page for our next album!
  • A free t-shirt and Patreon exclusive poster at the end of the year
  • A "Thank You" shout out on the web site, on social media, and in the liner notes of the band's next album!
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • General Support
  • CD copy of my latest release
  • Credit in the liner notes of the next album

About Molly Starlite

Thank you so much for visiting! I'm Molly Starlite, and I make music! I LOVE making music, and my Tommy Lee recently finished building me a recording studio so that I can make MORE MUSIC, MORE OFTEN, including new original music, custom songs, parody songs and cover music! For 2022, I am deviating from the concept of albums and experimenting with releasing a new single at the end of each month, starting in May. As I have gotten more experience in the studio and learning engineering, producing, mixing, and mastering, I think that this new music is the best stuff I have ever produced and I am so excited to show it all to you. With a little help, I will be able to bring the music to you!

That's right: I want to plan a tour of most of the country. But this won't be just any old tour. I literally want to bring the music to YOU.

The goal has always been to take my Grandpa's 1957 Chevy station wagon, fix it up, and take it and teardrop trailer and visit friends all over the country, and taking Route 66 and deviating off the route an hour or two to visit friends and play music for them at house parties and/or their local watering hole or coffee shop.

Your patronage will allow me to really plan this tour out, to plot an itinerary (possibly even farther afield than the Route 66 trip idea), make real, solid plans, and take this show on the road! I am working on a stage show that will incorporate aspects of multi-media presentations (such as projecting music videos during performances, maybe?), a comedy routine (complete with instant parodies I am famous for among family and friends), and more!


My idea is to create CLUB SPUTNIK and my supporters will get access to a password-protected area of my web site that I am currently building that will include a message board, a streaming area for me to broadcast live virtual concerts, and year-round coupons & discounts on all my merchandise. AND Patreons who stay until the end of the year will also get free gifts at Christmas time! This is still a work in progress; I am trying to find a cost effective platform to use for streaming concerts and chats, for instance, and I am still working out how the password login is going to work, but it is COMING SOON!

Some of the things I am planning include:
  • Shirts and bags with screen printed and metallic/glitter logos
  • Stickers, bookmarks, and vinyl transfers
  • Tumblers and travel mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Embossed leather and vinyl purses and wallets
  • Custom art and posters
  • Guitar picks
  • ...and SO MUCH MORE!
(I don't want to give away all my ideas... gotta have some kind of surprise).

But let's break down the levels:

+ Access to demos/works in progress
+ Access to online concerts & chats
+ Early access to finished single/album downloads
+ Everything at the $1/mo level
+ Access to download fully produced Cover Song of the Month
+ One free copy of any/all albums produced (see below)
+ Gifts at the end of the year!
+ Everything from all the previous levels
+ Free t-shirt
+ Free poster
+ Shout outs on social media, on the web site, and in the liner notes of the compilation CD
+ Everything from all previous levels
+ Subscription to the Sputnik of the Month Subscription Box
+ Option to have a custom LP made with your favorite songs
+ Everything from all previous levels
+ Larger bonus items in the Sputnik of the Month Subscription Box
+ A fully produced custom song once per year

ALL my Patrons - down to the $1 level - get access to demos as I am working on them (and the demos are DEFINITELY limited time offers because I delete them when I finish something). 

Because of the new format where I am releasing singles this year (2022) instead of a full-length album, I plan to send all Patreons at the $5+/mo level compilation CDs at the end of the year that will include all the singles I released this year as well as some surprises! Patreons at this level also get downloads of all new cover material, as I am also planning to make fully produced recordings of cover songs every month!

At the $10/mo level and above, Patreons will get a shout-out on the web site, social media, and liner notes of the compilation album at the end of the year, as well as a free t-shirt and Patreon exclusive poster at the end of the year, in addition to everything at the previous levels!

At the $20+/mo level, Patreons will get everything from the previous levels, as well as a small "subscription box" every couple of months that will include small gifts, and, at the end of the year, a commemorative vinyl LP containing their favorite songs (there are time constraints on how much music you can put on an LP, so I hesitate to say "ten favorite" songs... I think it's 20 minutes of music per side, but I'll have to look that up again).

At the $40/mo level, Patreons get everything from all the previous levels, and I bump up the gifts in the "subscription box" that goes out every couple of months, as well as give these Patreons a fully-produced custom song about the topic of their choice once per year.

I started writing songs when I was 9 years old. I taught myself to play drums, then piano, then guitar. I also tinker around on bass and mandolin. While making the Walking On Moonshine album, I actually played all the instruments (with the exception of drums and the harmonica solo on "Someday"), including lead guitar and bass. Now, I am playing all the instruments (including drums) on singles that I am releasing this year, as well as doing all the engineering, production, mixing, mastering, and marketing by myself. But my true love is writing music. I love telling stories with my lyrics and music. 

Since 2017, my band, Molly Starlite and the Sputniks, has released at least an album per year: 
Links above open Spotify pages for those albums!

I put 100% of the money I get from performing, CD sales, and digital downloads back into making more music. But I have some REALLY, REALLY cool things that I want to do... and you can help me do those things! Take a look at some of the things I have planned in my rewards tiers! 

My dream is to be able to make a living just making people happy with my music... Poke around this page or my web site to learn more about what I am doing. So, toss a coin or two into my virtual guitar case, eh? I sure do appreciate you taking the time to read this and consider being my patron.
Molly Starlite

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS - links to all my other social media sites, all the news in one place, including newly available items in my Etsy shop, upcoming live shows with my band, upcoming online events, and a lot more!
Molly Starlite on TikTok - Daily acoustic songs, behind-the-scenes stuff, my goofy personality
Molly Starlite on Facebook
Molly Starlite & The Sputniks on Facebook - Links to digital retailers for our music, events we're attending or playing, updates, "behind the music" posts, band practice photos, and a lot more!
Molly Starlite on Instagram - Probably my favorite social media channel! I post all kinds of sneak peeks at my newest work there, as well as snippets of parodies I am working on, outfit of the day posts, and more!
Retro Couture by Molly Starlite on Etsy! - My Etsy shop where I sell my hair flowers, earrings, art, & clothing! 

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