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About Worky Zark

Introduction to the Academy

After a teenaged witch-slaying hero fails to stop her nemesis from opening a hellmouth, the world changes forever and people start randomly transforming into half-human, half-monster liminals!
Monterrey Academy, better known as Monster Girl Academy, is a private school where these liminals can learn about the world and their own new bodies in an accepting, relaxed environment.
The newest student at Monster Girl Academy is Hiro, a regular nerdy guy that’s had his life turned upside-down by becoming a were-succubus, a rare monster that transforms from the male Hiro to the female Hiroko every night in search of certain... biological necessities.
While at the academy, Hiro/Hiroko meets many friendly monster girls that can empathize with his situation. Dominique (dullahan), Janelle (minotaur), Hua (marilith), and Nurse Makoto (futa) all know what it’s like to have their bodies change and have new feelings erupt.
Together, they all explore their new lives and get to know each other in many interesting ways in this X-rated adult comedy!

The Characters

Here are a few of the people you’ll meet in Monster Girl Academy!

Hiro/Hiroko (Were-Succubus)

Our protagonist is coming to terms with his new life as a were-succubus. Hiro's particular transformation turns him into a cute succubus girl whenever the moon comes out. It turns out that both of his bodies have new biological needs that he and his new friends are becoming more and more aware of every day. A bit slow on the uptake, like many harem protagonists, but he has a good heart.

Dominique (Dullahan)

An upper-crust Dullahan (think The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman) whose body betrays her tsundere nature. Her head is tsun, and her body is dere. Past her ojou-sama exterior, there’s a spirited woman that’s more than willing to explore the carnal possibilities of a detachable head, especially with other girls.

Nurse Makoto (MILF Futa)

A very caring MILF futa nurse that selflessly helps students with all types of ailments. Her methods can sometimes be a bit unorthodox, but everyone leaves her office with a smile.

Janelle (Minotaur)

A shy otaku minotaur under the impression that her huge everything (height, strength, and muscles, among other things) means that she can’t be cute. Of course, that’s completely untrue, and once she finds someone that accepts her, she’s very affectionate.

Jackie (Centaur)

A blonde bombshell centaur that’s moved in next door to Hiro. She wields Texas-isms like Sancho Panza wields proverbs. A warm-hearted girl that isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs, or just wants, it.

Hua (Marilith)

A six-armed Chinese marilith snake girl who’s been Hiro’s friend since childhood. She harbors a secret crush on him, and is trying to figure out how to share her true feelings. The force of those pent-in feelings, once they’re unleashed, might leave Hiro a bit spongy and bruised though…
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