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About Moses Siregar

Moses Siregar has been a practicing astrologer for 27 years, and is one of the leading experts in the area of locational astrology, or astrocartography. He combines (modern and ancient) western astrology with vedic astrology, and combines them along with his in-depth research into locational astrology to create a practical, cutting-edge astrology: Holistic Astrology.

He sees himself as a servant, so it's taken him awhile to set up Patreon, but at this time his goal is to write a profoundly useful astrological tome titled HOLISTIC ASTROLOGY, a book which he hopes will bring a more accurate form of locational astrology into the mainstream of astrological practice, as well as a newfound, useful approach to integrating western and vedic astrology. He teaches classes on Holistic Locational Astrology and creates public written and video material.

Note: Thank you for reading and considering supporting my work. With a stationary Venus in Virgo, and Sun/Mercury in Leo, my heart yearns to create a beautiful series of instructional materials, including the book I've wanted to write since the 1990s! Holistic Astrology has been my great love and vocation, and I could truly benefit from your support to create inspiring and useful educational offerings, for the greater good of the astrological community and the world!

May all beings be happy and free!

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