James T. Bytes

is creating words and magic.

About James T. Bytes

At this time, I am surrendering myself to creation and I have no idea what I'm going to create, I can only be sure that I'm surely going to keep creating. 

My latest project is live at lightdark.art.
My newest projects usually go live on sorcerawr.com

As for SorceRawr itself, there is a lot that can be said about why I'm working on the site. One focus in particular is the intention to share only precious gemstones of information. As the site grows, it is possible that it may have less content, not more.
I am not currently aware of any resource or site on the Internet that provides the content curated here. 
I aim to make SorceRawr the definitive creativity cultivation site on the Internet. 
I work on this full time and alone with no incoming external resources, so any and all financial support would be saved for and only for my ability to continue building and sharing on this. 

Thanks for seeing me for a moment on this journey!

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