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Fellow Gizzologist

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Congratulations, you’re officially a Fellow Gizzologist and I tip my hat to you.

I say that because chances are that you’re reading this because of one of my Gizzverse videos, which by supporting the creation of instantly makes you too a fellow Gizzologist. Otherwise if those words sound completely foreign to you, let me be the first to encourage you to join us down the rabbit-hole and introduce to you the stories from one Australian psychedelic rock band.

This is a blue pill or red pill kind of moment. Once you’re in, there’s no going back.

Movie Lover

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 Came for the Gizzverse but stayed for everything else. You must also be a movie lover and deserve a firm handshake.

Thank you for supporting me to make other videos aside from the obvious cash cow whose milk I shamelessly keep suckling from on. I’ll always love making videos about the Gizzverse but I’m also interested in other topics and don’t want to be a one trick pony. 

Hopefully by pledging in this tier that means you do too.

I’m not sure I can offer in return since it’s only a small channel, which I also know is a terrible thing to say for this description, but if you want access to my notes, credit cards, bank details or extracts from my personal diary from when I was 10 years old – you got it.

Top Bloke

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In my native homeland, this is our highest honour. If you’re known as a top bloke, you’re the type of person everyone will shout a beer for.

We say this because being a top bloke means you go above and beyond for people. Which is fitting for this level of pledge because this tier goes beyond just supporting to see more videos and more towards supporting me in general. And in my eyes, that makes you a top bloke. So, not only will I tip my hat or give the firmest of handshakes to you, but I want to also buy you a beer.

So, please message me and let me know if you’re in my city and I can fulfill on that promise. But regardless, on top of receiving any of my notes, I want to personally thank you in videos that I make in the future by saying your name/username when I record the audio tracks for them.

Truthfully, my channel is still incredibly small at the time of writing this so I can accept not many will choose this tier. But that also means it’s likely that there won’t be too many names to record for the videos before one day the channel gets large enough that I won’t be able to commit to such a promise anymore. 

Thus, there exists the potential to reserve bragging rights for being one of the first supporters before some crazy Gizzverse fan made it to the YouTube bigtime.

Either way, I can’t thank you enough if you do choose this tier and the offer for a beer will always stand.




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About Motion In Art

Video essayist, fellow Gizzologist, sleepless editor, lurking Redditor, aspiring filmmaker, and occasional codebreaker.

I make videos that explain aspects about films, television shows and one psychedelic rock band from Australia. Infrequently released, but tirelessly crafted. 

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