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About Marshall Ryan Maresca

Hi, I'm Marshall Ryan Maresca, author of the Maradaine Saga.  As the Barnes & Noble Sci-fi & Fantasy Blog puts it:

For the past four years, Marshall Ryan Maresca has been toiling away at an impressive feat for storytelling and worldbuilding, exploring, in four interlocking series, every facet of a fictional city through the strata of the people who inhabit it: criminals, peacekeepers, political power players, and hapless heroes alike.

The Maradaine Novels consists of nine books to date, with three more forthcoming:
The Thorn of Dentonhill
A Murder of Mages
The Alchemy of Chaos
An Import of Intrigue
The Holver Alley Crew
The Imposters of Aventil
Lady Henterman's Wardrobe
The Way of the Shield
A Parliament of Bodies
Shield of the People 
The Fenmere Job 
People of the City (October 2020)

On top of the novels I have under contract, I have outlines and plans for several more projects in the years to come, including a dieselpunk fantasy titled The Velocity of Revolution (Spring 2021); a standalone novel set in the same world as the Maradaine series, A Constabulary of One; further Maradaine novels, some Maradaine novellas, a space-opera series, and more fantasy series in brand new settings. As a professional writer, I'm in a fortunate and privileged position.  I've got several books published, more forthcoming, and a solid plan for the future.

I'm also one of three cohosts for a fantasy worldbuilding podcast, Worldbuilding for Masochists, with Alexandra Rowland and Rowenna Miller.  It's a very fun show and we greatly enjoy bringing you our insights into worldbuilding madness every other week.

Because, despite myt privileged position, there still are challenges on the road ahead.  My day job is running Live the Language with my wife, which is an incredible blessing.  But it means that all of our income-- the business and the writing-- comes from self-employment, and that can be variable, even volatile.  Some months are flush, some months are tight.  We, of course, have the regular expenses of any family in our situation: mortgage, health insurance, our son's college tuition, taxes, etc.  Any additional revenue gives me more breathing room to focus on my creative work, instead of worrying how to make ends meet.

I do want to stress: my ability to write these books and maintain my schedule and output level is not dependent on your patronage.  I will continue to write and release books in a timely manner, regardless.  And if all you can do to support me is read the books, honestly, that's enough.  I am so grateful to every one of you.  You're why I am doing this, and I'm blessed just to share my stories with you.
But if you can pledge your support, it really does make the process just a little bit easier. And writing these books is hard work, so even a little bit of ease can make all the difference.
Thank you.

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