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About Nathan Coleman

Music League is making music social! You can set up a series of themed rounds with all of your friends and then decide who has submitted the best song(s) for each theme! The app will take care of everything else!
  • 🔔You get notified every time someone in your league submits a new song
  • ⏯Everyone gets the link to a new playlist in Spotify, but no one knows who submitted what
  • 🔔You get notified every time someone in your league votes for their favorite songs
  • 👑The votes are counted and the winners are crowned!

And oh boy is it social!

  • 🌏9,500 people across 5 continents take part in a league every month
  • 👩💻25,000 users have joined a league at some point
  • 🎧30,000 playlists have been generated
  • 🎷4,000 leagues have been created with over 32,000 themed rounds
  • 🎸300,000 songs have been submitted
  • 👍2,000,000 votes have been cast

Where do you come in?
Music League is awesome! It's a great way to connect with friends and discover new music! I love being able to bring joy to the lives of others, especially with everything going on lately.

Unlike most apps on the internet today, Music League doesn't sell your data or force you to watch ads. It's free for anyone to play!

Having said that, Music League also costs 💰to run, and it takes time to keep it up or add new features. I have been the sole developer 👨💻since the app came to life in 2016. Without the help of the community, the costs for servers, databases, email services and the like come out of my pocket every month in addition to the time required to fix bugs, respond to questions and ship new features. With your help, I can cover those costs and spend more of my own time adding new features!

My goal is to continually add new features for everyday users and some unique features for Patrons. To that end, please reach out if you have any ideas that you'd like to see make it into the app! 🤩

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