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About наб


I'm наб, and I do my best (i.e. not much but im trying so it's fine) to make computing less painful around the usually weird edges.

For my full discography, you can visit my GitHub account or this page (ha ha) or my Bandcamp (it's electronic and like drone or something i think? idk, but it's no-minimum name your price so there's no harm in trying and maybe sharing (privately, publicly) what you think, eh?).

If you use Rust, you may've also used, among many others, cargo-update, embed-resource, Host These Things Please, or gen-epub-book, from yours truly.

There's also some (a bunch) Tonči Juričev-Grgin mandalas, not necessarily unlike this:

Twitter houses being bitter about computing and also sometimes I make something cool or whatever
Hesitaten't to post if you have, like, questions. or suggestions, or whateverelse, I'm lonely.

Oh, and cheers for stopping by. Means the world.

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