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    You are now a new agent of the Special International Guardian Military Agency, tasked with helping the heroes of the world protect the public from superhuman and apocalyptic threats. Think you're up for the challenge? 

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      You're not a normal human anymore, you are beyond that. You're exalted above the rest. You are hallowed. Now you have power. Powers that you could have never dreamed of. Powers from the gods. 

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        About Moonfeather

        Hello, ladies and gentlemen, Moonfeather here:

        This page was created to help support the web serial  Nature's Kingdom. It's a project that I've put a lot of work into and that I'm very excited about. The story follows a young teenage girl named Mercy Gaunt as she finds herself thrown into a world full of mythical beings, aliens, and superhumans with powers—those called hallowed. As her own powers and memories begin to reawaken, as she remembers her dream for a better world, Mercy must come to terms with her forgotten past and figure out how to navigate the world of secrets that was once hidden from her. 

        Nature's Kingdom updates once officially on Thursdays, however, extra chapters may be posted on other days if the time allows it. Chapters tend to range from 2000-4000+ words. 

        Bonus chapters will be released if specific monthly goals are met. Other rewards will be given to people so generous enough to donate, such as the ability to vote on mini-interludes and help design characters, monsters, or other special items. Mini-interludes will run from 200-1000 words, influenced by patreon tier. Readers that donate will also be able to create a character that will be inserted into the guestbook on the blog, along with with a small 20-100 word message relating to the Nature's Kingdom world in some way. In addition, everyone who ever donates throughout the course of the story will be able to vote on which story comes next once this one finishes.

        (Voting will not start until Arc 5 - Currently on Arc 3) 

        Obviously, as this novel is being released online for free, payment isn't necessary to read it. I would like for everyone to enjoy this story. However, even though I love to write it takes a lot of time and effort, I'm going to need some help. It's my dream to eventually write and create exciting content for readers like you, full-time; to grow a base of readers and give them stories they can enjoy, get excited about, and get engrossed in, stories that make them happy. 

        Thank you for reading and giving me some of your time. It's readers like you that help motivate me to create these fun and huge projects. Whether you decided to donate or not, I truly appreciate it. 

        Note: Patrons are charged the instant they pledge, so if you pledge right before the next month, you may be charged twice in quick succession.

        #GG33 - for those who know, you have my thanks...

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        We will become as Gods! Not very modest for a first goal, but reaching this monthly amount will help free up time for me to create fun and entertaining stories for you guys at a faster pace. 
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