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Dolmenwood Weird Fairy Tale RPG Setting

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The Dolmenwood campaign setting is coming to Kickstarter early 2023! As the books approach completion, this Patreon is now locked.

In development since 2015, the Dolmenwood campaign setting is the imaginative magnum opus of Gavin Norman, creator of Old-School Essentials. From its humble beginnings as a series of articles published in the form of a zine, Dolmenwood is now coalescing into its final, monumental form: a three book set packed with fairy tale magic and eerie folk horror.

Join us as development on Dolmenwood intensifies, building up to the full release of the three hardback tomes:
  • The Dolmenwood Player's Book: A complete player's guide to Dolmenwood, including easy-to-digest setting background and rumours, new character classes and races, fun and flavourful new equipment—including extensive lists of beverages, pipeweeds, and herbs!—plus reams of random tables and optional rules to bring a fairy tale flavour to life in your games. Expected length: 112 pages.
  • The Dolmenwood Campaign Book: The essential referee's guide to running campaigns in Dolmenwood, including a full history of the setting, the secrets of the standing stones and ley lines that crisscross the Wood, the factions and powers which vie for control, and detailed write-ups of the 200 hexes that make up the Dolmenwood campaign map! Expected length: 400 pages.
  • The Dolmenwood Monster Book: The companion to the Campaign Book, this tome details a host of weird fairy tale inspired monsters that lurk in Dolmenwood, each illustrated in full colour and accompanied by random tables of traits, lairs, and encounters. Expected length: 96 pages.

All content is written for Old-School Essentials.

Patron Benefits

Note: This Patreon is now locked.

As a patron of Dolmenwood, you'll have the glorious feeling of supporting the ongoing development of the Dolmenwood setting in the form of the Player's Book, the Campaign Book, and the Monster Book. Patrons will gain regular access to cutting edge (and heavily moss-coated!) Dolmenwood content, as work on the books progresses.

Packets of content will come out as PDFs on a monthly basis. In one month's packet, you might get a section from the Player's Book, featuring a set of new character classes for Dolmenwood games. In another month's packet, you might get a section from the Campaign Book, featuring detailed write-ups of major factions in the setting. And in another month's packet, you might get a section from the Monster Book, featuring full-page write-ups of various weird beasts that lurk in the shadowy recesses of the Wood. (As the packets will consist of "hot off the press" content, they'll only be partially illustrated and won't represent 100% finished sections of the books.)

In addition to these "hot off the press" content packets, Patrons at higher tiers will also receive the final PDFs of the books, once they reach their finished form.

Content Packages Index

  • Package 1: Player's Book: Character Classes, Player's Book: Magic.
  • Package 2: Player's Book: Sentient Folk, Player's Book: Separate Race and Class, Player's Book: Equipment, Services, and Animals.
  • Package 3: Referee's map, Campaign Book: Regions and History, Campaign Book: Drune Faction, Campaign Book: Castle Brackenwold Settlement, 12 hexes.
  • Package 4: Campaign Book: Ley Lines and Standing Stones, Campaign Book: Witches Faction, Campaign Book: Exploring the Wild, 12 hexes..
  • Package 5: Referee's map: lost shrines, Campaign Book: Fairy, Player's Book: Appendices, 13 hexes.
  • Package 6: Campaign Book: Goat-Lords Faction, Campaign Book: Lankshorn Settlement, Monster Book: Drunes, Monster Book: Goatfolk, 12 hexes.
  • Package 7: Referee's map: wild fungi and herbs, Campaign Book: Church Faction, Campaign Book: Odd Settlement, Campaign Book: Fungi, Herbs, and Brews, Monster Book: Sprites, 12 hexes.
  • Package 8: Campaign Book: Atanuwë Faction, Campaign Book: Dreg Settlement, Monster Book: Gloam, 4 hexes.
  • Package 9: Campaign Book: Human Nobility Faction, Campaign Book: Faction Relationships, Campaign Book: Prigwort Settlement, Campaign Book: Fort Vulgar Settlement, 4 hexes.
  • Package 10: Campaign Book: Frost Elves Faction, Campaign Book: Orbswallow Settlement, Campaign Book: Woocutters' Encampment Settlement, 5 hexes.
  • Package 11: Campaign Book: The Hag and Ygraine Mordlin, Campaign Book: Cobton-on-the-Shiver Settlement, Campaign Book: 4 hexes, Monster Book: Antler Wraith, Banshee, Barrowbogey, Boggin, Bestial Centaur.
  • Package 12: Player's map, Campaign Book: Blackeswell Settlement, Campaign Book: New Spells, Campaign Book: Dreg, Lankshorn, and Prigwort Rumours, Campaign Book: 8 hexes, Monster Book: Bog Zombie, Sylvan Centaur, Nutcap, Scrabey.
  • Package 13: Campaign Book: Wood Gods, Campaign Book: updated Witches Faction, Campaign Book: Meagre's Reach intro, Campaign Book: 15 hexes, Monster Book: Root Thing, Player's Book: updated Elf Runes.
  • Package 14: Player's Book: updated Fairy Glamours, Campaign Book: updated Witches Faction, Campaign Book: updated New Spells, Campaign Book: 12 hexes, Monster Book: Adventuring Party generator, Monster Book: elf courtier, fairy horse, troll.
  • Package 15: Campaign Book: Meagre's Reach settlement, Campaign Book: High-Hankle intro, Campaign Book: 3 hexes, Campaign Book: Lankshorn settlement updated, Campaign Book: Odd settlement updated, Monster Book: Standard Monsters, Monster Book: Monster Stats, Monster Book: black tentacles, brambling, kelpie, mogglewomp, moss dwarf, psionic snail, rapacious snail, witch (3 types), witch owl, woodgrue, wyrm (4 types), Monster Book: Monsters by Type and HD.
  • Package 16: Campaign Book: High-Hankle settlement, Campaign Book: 15 hexes, Referee's map updated, Campaign Book: Meagre's Reach settlement updated, Campaign Book: Blackeswell settlement updated, Player's Book: mushrooms and herbs updated.
  • Package 17: Campaign Book: 15 hexes, VTT map, Campaign Book: Fungi, Herbs, and Brews appendix, Campaign Book: Shrines, Campaign Book: updated Church faction.
  • Package 18: Campaign Book: 10 hexes, Monster Book: bog salamander, brainconk, jack-o'-lantern, madtom, mould oracle, ochre slime-hulk, wronguncle, Campaign Book: seasons and unseasons, Campaign Books: updated witches faction, Campaign Book: updated Fungi, Herbs, and Brews appendix.
  • Package 19: Campaign Book: 13 hexes, Monster Book: deorling doe, deorling stag, harridan, Player's Map: coloured, Player's Book: revised intro, Campaign Book: general rumours, Campaign Book: updated New Spells, Campaign Book: High-Hankle settlement updated, Campaign Book: Church faction updated, Campaign Book: encounter tables updated.
  • Package 20: Campaign Book: 12 hexes, Campaign Book: Witches faction updated, Monster Book: monster rumours, Monster Book: Talking animal, Cobbin, devil goat, friar, gelatinous hulk, headless rider, pook morel, redcap, redslob.

Compiled PDFs (Woodgrue Patrons)

About Dolmenwood

The forest of Dolmenwood lies in the little-frequented northern reaches of the kingdom, under the rule of the Duchy of Brackenwold. Though mortals, with their towns and towers and cathedrals, now claim dominion over this stretch of tangled woods, fungus-encrusted glades, and fetid marsh, other powers held sway here in ancient times and—some would say—remain the true masters of the realm.

Within Dolmenwood, the magical and otherworldly are always close at hand. Rings of standing stones loom in glades hallowed by pagan cults of yesteryear; the energy of ley lines pulses beneath the earth, tapped by those in possession of the requisite secrets; portals to the perilous realm of Fairy allow transit between worlds, for those charmed or fated by the lords of Elfland. Even the herbs, plants, and fungi of Dolmenwood have grown in odd directions, absorbing the magic which infuses the place. Some say that the waters are enchanted. Some say the stones and the earth are too.

Step then, bold or foolhardy adventurer, into the hoary forest realm of Dolmenwood and beware, for little here is as it seems!

(Header image by Pauliina Hannuniemi. Tier images by Chris Huth.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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