Neeraj Atri

is creating Educational Videos on History, Politics and Religion

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About Neeraj Atri


Since you are here, the chances are that you are already familiar with my work through my articles, videos and my book Brainwashed Republic.
I create educative and informational content in order raise the awareness level of viewers and well-wishers. Being a teacher of Physics for about two decades, I appreciate the value of critical thinking and analytical skills. These two qualities are what separates active citizens from passive citizens. A vibrant democracy like ours requires a very large proportion of its population to be active citizens in order to preserve the democratic ethos of the country.
This great country of ours has been a beacon of everything which is positive. It provided refuge to the oppressed and the persecuted from all over the world. The civilization that our ancestors built with their blood and toil has always subscribed to pluralism, multiculturalism, democracy and has always been inclusive in its nature. It is our collective duty to protect it from all enemies – internal and external, a duty which has been called ‘Rishi Rin’ in our scriptures.
If you like and appreciate my content, I request you to spread it to the best of your abilities. Support from like minded persons will have a multiplier effect in this endeavor. I request one and all to join me in spreading awareness about these messages.
I have decided to dedicate myself to this cause. The kind of content I create requires scanning and analysis of multiple news channels, online and offline resources some of which may be centuries old. In order to sustain, survive and thrive, I will be relying on contributions from followers and conscientious fellow citizens.

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