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About Neil Brideau

Hi! My name is Neil Brideau, thank you so much for your interest in my Patreon!

I make all-ages minicomics, and I run Radiator Comics, a distributor of hand-made and self-published comics by nearly 60 artists from across North America.

Your support of my Patreon allows me to devote more time to my comics projects, and expand Radiator Comics' services, benefiting other comics artists and small-press publishers in the process.

The Comics I'm working on in 2019:

  • I am penciling the 5th issue of my coming-of-age adventure series, The Plot!
  • I am inking the 2nd issue of my humor series, Your Friends!
  • I am working with an editor to publish a definitive collection of my webcomic, Sock-Monster!
  • I am making new zines!

Radiator Comics projects for 2019:

  • Increase the number of artists whose work Radiator Comics distributes!
  • Publish a series of minicomics -soon to be announced!
  • Launch a service for small-press publishers to ease their distribution work!
  • Work on a new minicomic project to launch in 2020!

When you support my Patreon, you will help me fulfill these plans, and you’ll get stuff in return!

I’ve set a series of goals (on the left of the screen), that reflect both my financial needs, and some fun projects meeting the goals will trigger!

All backers will receive access to my patrons-only blog (featuring behind-the-scenes treasures). A pledge of $6.00/month gets you a print version of every comic I make.

If you're unable to support me financially, no problem! You can read 400-pages worth of comics I’ve made at (for free!), and you can check out all the comics Radiator Comics has to offer at (you have to buy those)!
Shout out to Kenan Rubenstein for designing both amazing sites!

Thanks again for your interest, and support!

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When we reach this goal, I'll draw a fun little minicomic (which will be sent out to print subscribers)!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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