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About Playthroughline

We are Joannes Truyens and Matei Stanca of Playthroughline, and together with an amazing team of contributors and a generous community of players, we made a game called Neurocracy. Ever wanted to explore the Wikipedia of the year 2049 and solve a murder across ten days of edits? Neurocracy invites you to do that highly specific thing by diving into the Omnipedia rabbit hole:

Brought to life with beautiful artwork and visual direction from Alice Duke and Matei, Neurocracy's sci-fi world and encyclopedia presentation also make it into an anthology. Omnipedia plays host to futurist stories from a range of writers with vastly different interests and styles, including Leigh Alexander, Malka Older, Axel Hassen Taiari, and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

Our 2020 Kickstarter campaign enabled us to release Neurocracy in 2021 to critical acclaim from outlets like The Guardian ("ambitious writing, excellent science fiction") and Waypoint ("a compelling exercise in collaborative, online sleuthing"). Neurocracy was a finalist for 2022's IGF Excellence in Narrative Award and has even been given an official wiki, which feels like the fullest full circle

What we especially love about Neurocracy is the extent to which its 2021 release unfolded like a live TTRPG campaign. Across ten weekly episodes, our community gathered on Discord to eagerly share theories, create resources for others, and solve the murder mystery. We fed clues, red herrings, and player speculations back to each Neurocracy episode, resulting in a truly crowdsourced pool of potential stories ready for further exploration

With your patronage, we hope to continue that exploration. We have an exciting plan for an updated release of Neurocracy, where we rerun its episodic TTRPG campaign with a fresh batch of mysteries and revelations that will surprise both newcomers and those who took part before. With our £50/month goal, we can commission the additional writing and illustrations needed for this updated release, which we're looking to schedule for summer 2023

Beyond keeping Neurocracy open-sourced, free, and accessible to all, the long-term goals of this Patreon include creating more integrated community tools and bringing in new writers and designers, with the ultimate goal of evolving Neurocracy into a collaborative, ever-expanding writing project (not unlike the SCP Foundation)

Thank you for checking out our Patreon! If you like what we're doing with Neurocracy but are unable to subscribe, spreading the word genuinely helps a lot too <3

-- Joannes
$55.83 - reached! per month
When we reach £50/month, we can commission the additional writing and illustrations needed to update Neurocracy's episodic storyline for a rerun during summer of 2023
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