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About New Thought Radio

YUP...I'll be reworking this very soon to reflect the New Thought Radio project...

Please check back soon for an updated welcome video.
And feel free to check out our updated membership and sponsorship opportunities.

Thanks for your understanding as we build a new member's portal.
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Visit the Station Profile and LISTEN LIVE HERE:

Rev. Robert Brzezinski holds Masters in Consciousness Studies, is an Ordained Minister of Religious Science with Centers for Spiritual Living, and considers himself a lifelong student of Transformational Leadership. His passion for the emerging Interspiritual Age, coupled with a thorough study of Integral Theory has led Robert to a unique crossroads of spirituality and social experience.

Robert is also passionate about exploring the emerging experience of virtual community and adult spiritual education. Beyond the virtual classroom Robert is a creator and feels called to serve those seeking to create 'The Life You Truly Desire!' He is a dynamic spiritual leader, passionate firebrand speaker and teacher, as well as a personal coach and spiritual business consultant that continually finds ways to share the Science of Mind and Spirit in paradigm shifting ways.

OK...Hold On...What in the world am I doing here on Patreon? Shouldn't I be working in a church somewhere? GOOD questions.

As I see it... I have been giving away my digital creations for years now...and people have constantly asked for a way to give back to my work.

Patreon makes it easy for me to share an emerging form of spiritual community and allows those that find value in what I do to share in the experience of conscious financial circulation.

By allowing you to pledge your dollars for my work I can invest more of my time, talents, and treasure into creating spiritual but not religious content and videos.  Together we'll explore the spiritual practices and principles that have allowed me to create the life I truly desire. And along the way we'll explore the practical, real life, and real time applications of these principles and practices in supporting you in creating The Life You Truly Desire! 

I'm really excited to witness what we create together, as a community of like minded spiritual beings sharing the human experience. Please feel free to ask questions, share your feedback, or just explore what is available here.
Until next time.
Go Forth and Prosper!

P.S.When Robert isn't creating videos and other resources for living a spiritual life he's probably out creating awesome adventures with his family or on his mountain bike.
He can be reached through his website

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Upon reaching this goal I will commit to
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  • Host a three hour Patreon Only Live-Stream Event.

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