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About Nick Flanagan, Weakly

TL, DR: I have a podcast & do standup! This is the place to provide support so I can do those things as regularly as possible. 

My work will happen with or without monetary support - but right now I have very little budget. Your pledge will allow me to keep recording NFW regularly (more content!), expand the budget(better mics!) and to broaden its reach (buy my own satellite!) - I want to give you the best product I can.
Current costs and aspirational costs include:

Monthly web hosting fees
Other program fees
Consistently paying producer Andy Lloyd for his hard work
Press photos
Logos and merch design
More episodes per week
Compensation for guests
Travelling to speak with guests
Financing A Standup tour
Cybernetic abdominal muscles
Essentially: I'd really like to keep providing this to you and the more support I get, the easier it is for me to do that.

If you're reading this, perhaps you know me -  I'm Nick Flanagan. A comedian!musician!writer! An actor! And, like so many others: a podcaster. You can find Nick Flanagan, Weakly on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, SpotifyAmazon Alexa among other internetty platforms.

I recently fled Los Angeles ("visa issues") to my hometown of Toronto. After several months spent rebuilding the ability to leave my bed, I started the Nick Flanagan, Weakly podcast from the comfort of my bedroom, primarily as a means of catharsis. Response has been so encouraging that I've kept at it. Thank you for the support. The podcast has covered ADHD, mental health, esoteric culture, overdose prevention and Frank Vincent's book and that's felt great. It's felt like the deepest self-expression I've ever achieved.  I've also kept doing standup and pursuing writing and acting. 

The podcast started out like the diary of a confused primate who has no idea how to edit audio. It has now grown into the same thing, but with better editing and more guests.  I've talked to Overdose Prevention Society advocate Zoe Dodd, comedians like Nick Nemeroff, Josh Gondelman, Mark Little, Aisha Brown and Scott Thompson and musicians like Emilie Mover. I've honored the memory of my friend Makesi Arthur. The show provides relaxed conversations in my the house I grew up in and I think the comfort and intimacy of the environment provides something unique.

Thanks to great listeners and guests, NFW has been steadily improving and I think it can only get better. But it's a big commitment. I get so much out of it and I hope listeners do too. With your support I'll be able to get professional sound recording for my musical episodes, have better editing and camera work for uploaded video content, and generally have an easier time bringing you something great.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with ADHD. At the time I didn't realize that medication alone may not solve the problems. I wasn't aware of the benefits of a holistic treatment technique, and coping was very difficult, until I moved back home and focused (as much as I'm able to) on the disorder. Reading books like ADD Stole My Car Keys, Delivered From Distraction by Ned Hallowell and John Ratey provided profound discoveries that helped me immensely, as did a system of support groups I accessed upon my return. I learned things I thought of as unfixable character defects were in fact symptomatic of the disorder and can be managed.

Connecting with others who have the disorder or want to learn about it is what really makes it seem worthwhile. Helping people understand the extent that ADHD - especially when diagnosed later in life - can affect our lives feels great. I understand that I am incredibly lucky to be able to put so much time into dealing with mental health. Mildly old comedian comes back to the old neighborhood to fight anxiety - it's a depressive yet hopeful Canadian sitcom with no cancellation in sight!

Starting with the $5 tier, I'll provide patron-only livestreams, new songs from my band and standup clips. As I earn more supporters I will offer as many perks as I can.  One time donations can be made here if you'd rather not provide monthly support. 

If you can't help financially, I still think you're great.  Reviewing, rating or subscribing to the podcast really helps. Word of mouth probably helps the most - tell your friends!

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for supporting, and thank you for being a friend.

 I have condensed my life into this bio:

I'm a comedian, writer and actor. I've written for television and also extensively about music. Credits include Odd Squad and Cupcake and Dino: General Services, recently picked as a standout show of 2018 by the fake news New York Times. I'm from Toronto but have lived in LA and toured in Europe and all over Canada and the US with comedy and singing in the punk band Brutal Knights. I host and produce Nick Flanagan, Weakly a four-times-a-week podcast recorded in my room, where I speak over royalty-free music - with backing occasionally provided by live musicians like Emilie Mover & Ayal Senior. I've put out two comedy albums, I'm Here All Weak and Wiped Privilege. I also wrote a meditation track for children. What the heck?

$19.74 of $300 per month
If I reach a $300 goal I will provide a meditation podcast every month, where I come up with a silly but effective meditation over chill music to get you were you want to be - NIRVANA!
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