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About Nick Shabazz

Hey everybody, Nick here!

I make video reviews of knives, flashlights, watches, tools, and gear.  I've been making them for about a year, and I figured I'd open up an account here for people who want to support what I'm doing, and take the sting off some of the baths I'm regularly taking in the name of review!

This is completely optional!  

If you want to support me and the channel, this is just one of the ways!  You can comment, subscribe, like, and be awesome.  That's great support.  You can also loan me gear, which helps keep the videos coming, and makes you a solid Gem in my book.  That's excellent.  And heck, you can just keep watching.  That's great too.  But if you find yourself with a few extra dollars and a Patreon account, I sure won't argue with your support!

All content will remain free to everybody!

All of my videos will still be freely available to everybody.  That's not gonna change.  I'm not doing the "Patrons only" game, because information should be free.  So all the rewards are just bonuses.  Again, no pressure, but if you want to help, you can!

There are... certain benefits...

When you're a Patron, you're a gem, and there are certain benefits to Gem status.  In addition to tier-specific benefits...

  • Patrons will have access to my Patrons-only Feed, which includes Patron Previews of exciting, upcoming videos which may not air on the channel for weeks or months.
  • Patrons will also be eligible for Patrons-only gear sales and auctions, where I list any gear which I've finished reviewing that's for sale, often at considerable discounts.
  • Patrons will have access to the Patrons-only Discord Chatroom, where you can talk with other patrons as well as certain jackasses.
Also, there are physical rewards based on your "Total Lifetime Support".  Whether it takes one month, or ten months, as soon as your charged contributions reach the below levels, shoot me a message with your shipping address, and I'll send the reward. 

  • Total Lifetime Contribution of $10: A 'Nick Shabazz: Good, Great, Bad, Ugly' Sticker.  
  • Total Lifetime Contribution of $50: An autographed terrible knife (as the original Z-Hunter is now discontinued!).
For international patrons, you'll need to make sure that assisted, terrible knives are OK where you live, and that customs is letting knives into your country (Sorry, Canadians and UK Folks).  Also, because Patreon actually charges for subscriptions on the first of the month, all rewards will ship only once the cards has been charged.  

Finally, please note that Patreon does not make this process automatic, so please don't forget to message me once you're eligible if you'd like the rewards!  You can't win if you don't send it in.

Thanks so much!

You all make this not only possible, but awesome!

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