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About Thaumiel Games


Thaumiel Games is a game development collective consisting of me, Julian aka N00MKRAD, and hobbyists who assist me with development. As of September 2019, the core team consists of me, two coders, and a concept artist.

The first and biggest planned project is SCP-3008, based on the story of the same name. Development started in September 2017, was slow for a long time due to some mistakes and my lack of experience, but started to pick up speed in 2019, which also made the Patreon campaign so successful that reducing my 40-hour job to part-time in order to be able to spend much more time on the game projects began to become feasable.


The goal of this Patreon campaign is to fund the development of all games and eventually make it possible for me to switch my normal job to part-time, allowing me to work on the game for several hours every day - right now, I work 8 hours a day (not counting break, commute, etc) which often doesn't leave much time nor energy for game development during the week.
Patreon being my primary monetization method for my games also means that they will be free - at the moment there are no plans for paid games.


The following projects are definitely planned:
  • SCP-3008 (In Development)
  • SCP-3008 Multiplayer
  • SCP-450
  • VR Support for SCP-3008 and SCP-450
And these projects are vaguely planned, currently more of an idea:
  • Project UnLondon (Exploration game based on SCP-1678)
  • SCP Simulation/Management Game, for PC and Mobile

SCP-3008 is based on "SCP-3008" written by "Mortos".
SCP-3008 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
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At this point I can pursue game development as my actual career and put more resources into it!
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