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About Dmitry Paranyushkin

My name is Dmitry and my mission is to promote polysingularity and ecological confluence — the art of thinking, moving, and acting in ways that are dynamically diverse and environmentally aligned.

The core of my work is in imagining operating systems, frameworks, and software not only for machines but also for humans beings. How can we reverse-engineer the inner code that guides our behavior? How can we reprogram ourselves? How can we learn back from the AI and apply it back into our physical beings? What are the ethical, philosophical, aesthetic and practical implications of this approach? 

I operate in the frame of Nodus Labs — a research organization that I founded in 2011 — as well as several other projects, including EightOS bodymind operating systemPragma FestivalPolysingularity media, Circadian publishing house, and InfraNodus cognitive stimulation tool.

I develop my work solely based on the support from the patrons and subscribers. I am interested to explore a kind of model that does not have to fulfil financial expectations of investors or respond to an institutional agenda. Therefore, your contribution is the only way to make this happen and I thank you for considering supporting this journey. 

At the moment, 50% of the funds I receive through Patreon are forwarded to other Patreon creators or open-source software developers whose work is in resonance with our objectives.



I think that there's never one single truth but many different perspectives, which coexist to produce the beautiful complexity of the world we live in. When one perspective takes over things may develop faster but hegemony is not sustainable for too long. When there are too many perspectives that are constantly changing we get the well-described "liquid modernity" or "post-truth" phenomenon. 

Therefore, there must be a more ecological way to think, to be, and to act. I personally think that network science is a good method to promote the ability to change perspectives dynamically while also maintaining a certain point of view, at once. In the frame of this research I developed InfraNodus — a special tool that helps you connect your ideas and obtain new insights from any text.

It is based on text network analysis and visualization. The words are represented as nodes, their co-occurrences are the connections between them. Once we represent this as a graph we can discover the main topical clusters in text and how they are related. This will give us an overview of what the text is about — a bit like a tag cloud, but with an added contextual information.

Once we represent a text as a network, we can also see the gaps in the narrative. When we  make links between the ideas that were not connected before, we will generate new ideas, so InfraNodus can also be used to find those gaps in our knowledge, reveal the parts of the discourse that are not obvious, and generate insights.

I develop InfraNodus based on the funds that I get from subscribers only. I do not have investors or external help, because I want to keep the software independent and to respond only to users' needs and not to some corporate or ideological agendas. 

As a subscriber you get to decide which features make their way into the next updates and you also get personal one-on-one technical support with me, so I can help you make InfraNodus useful for your particular use case.

As a patreon, you also support all the research in network analysis and cognitive science that I've been doing since 2010. You can see some of the publications on my website as well as on Google Scholar.


Another important project I'm working on is called EightOS bodymind operating system that I develop together with Koo Des aka NSDOS. If InfraNodus is focused on changing the way we perceive and think, then EightOS is focused on changing the way we learn and implement our knowledge into action.

The basic idea is that our body is a perfect recording device (think of reflexes). So we can explore and change our behavioral patterns using the regular physical practice. For instance, using EightOS we can have a better understanding of the dynamics of escalation / deescalation that happens during conflict (at any scale: personal, physical, social, existential). We can then practice different kinds of responses (using our bodies), which we can then implement at any of these scales.

Such approach can be much more efficient than if we just focused on intellectual understanding. The information is recorded on the level of the reflexes, so it becomes immediately available on unconscious level. Instead of trying to rewire ourselves using rationality, we go straight to the unconscious, reverse-engineer the existing patterns, and play around with them to rewire them in new interesting ways. 


Both EightOS and InfraNodus are the frameworks that I created to develop a certain way of thinking and acting into the world. 

They do not promise to make you better or more efficient: this would imply that something is wrong with you, which is not necessarily the case. Instead, they propose a functional methodology that you can use to explore yourself and to play around with this reality in multiple ways. While both EightOS and InfraNodus have the notions of Polysingularity (multiplicity of different truths) and ecological confluence (environmental alignment ) at their ideological core, you could use these two approaches to build any other system of operation with a different belief system and value criteria. 

That is why we created a publishing house Circadian (together with Diego Agulló), which is focused on helping people articulate and bring out their own systems of operation into the world. It can be seen as an API platform (application programming interface) for the different ways of acting and thinking that are available out there. If you are interested to define, articulate and share yours, please, do contact us with your proposals!
$110.93 of $5,000 per month
In order to further develop InfraNodus and EightOS I need to hire a programmer who knows Neo4J database and Javascript (both backend and frontend). 

This way we will be able to improve functionality, reliability and speed of InfraNodus helping it scale and support bigger datasets.

We could also then start working on an app for EightOS that would enable people to be more aware of (and control) their day-to-day dynamics using their phones and wearable devices (which they can stop using as soon as the it's turned into a habit).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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