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About Nikolai Vazquez

Who Are You?

I'm Nikolai Vazquez: university student by day, free (open-source) software writer by night. You can find my work on GitHub and connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I am also a graphic designer with some public design work visible on Dribbble.

¡Yo hablo español (🇨🇺 & 🇵🇦) también! Entonces si quieres hablar de esa manera, adelante.

Ich spreche Deutsch (🇩🇪) auch! Wenn du das lieber sprechen, lass uns sprechen.

Free Software?

In my spare time, I write software that's free, as in:

  • Free Beer: you don't need to pay a cent if you don't want to

  • Freedom: as in “free speech”—meaning you have the liberty to run it however you like, see how it works internally, redistribute it however you like, and improve upon it yourself

Unfortunately, not all beer is free! So, if you would like to buy me a beer (or coffee or more), then consider supporting my work that's benefited your project and thousands of others. Appreciation like this pushes me toward consistently producing quality software.

If the commitment of becoming a patron is scary or unappealing, you can also simply donate once!

Current Projects


A cross-platform chess engine written in Rust that will hopefully someday be competitive with Stockfish, one of the strongest chess engines in the world.

Static Assertions

A library of compile-time assertions for Rust to ensure that invariants are met.


A Swift library that allows for simple and expressive file management.


A featureful Swift library that makes random data generation simple and easy.


A Swift library that allows for type-safe thread-local storage.

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