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About Stephanie Brown


Hi! I'm Stephanie, I'm a freelance digital artist who specializes in character illustration. I'm known online for painting "smoochies, spookies, and sexies" and I'm kinda of embracing that as my brand now 😆 But my true passion is storytelling, and my artwork helps me tell my stories.

Some of you may know my online handle of "Offbeatworlds." I chose that handle because it describes the kind of stories I'm creating. Stories that take place in worlds different from ours. Worlds filled with magic and bizarre creatures, with advanced technologies and futuristic cities, with supernatural forces and monsters. Worlds that are strange, unique, or even "offbeat."

I love to paint illustrations of characters existing in strange new realms, using fantastical powers, or wielding powerful weapons. I love to show their struggles and their emotions, to capture their stories and share them in a visual medium. And my only hope is that these characters and their stories will resonate with people.


I'm making art! As I said, I'm a character artist and, at this time, commissions are my main source of income. This Patreon is for supporting my passion projects. These projects include a number of epic tales I've been creating artwork of and writing down as screenplays for years.

Why screenplays? Honestly, I prefer the format. As an artist I think very visually, in fact I can picture these stories in my head as movies, and the screenplay format suits how my brain works. I have tried writing in a more traditional sense, but as soon as I took a screenwriting class in college, the floodgates opened and I felt my creativity explode. In a few short months, I came up with half a dozen new story ideas and I've been developing them, and creating new ones, ever since. Screenwriting just works for me.

These stories range from a ghost film about a woman with a mysterious connection to a monument in her local cemetery...

To an epic space fantasy about a young woman who isn't supposed to exist that gets swept up in a power struggle when she realizes she carries the key to an ancient weapon.

To a cosmic horror adventure about a man who finds an artifact that could cause an ancient evil to break free from its eons long imprisonment...

And several others. You can find out more about these stories and what they're about on my website. My goal with each story is to capture a world full of vibrant characters with strong emotional arcs and epic struggles between opposing forces.

This Patreon affords me the time to work on these stories and produce artwork for them by allowing me to take breaks from commissions. I love doing commissions, don't get me wrong, that's why I've integrated them into the perks of this Patreon. But I also love being able to have time to work on my passion projects, and your support through this Patreon allows me to do that.

It also allows me to work on fanart from time to time too, which I also love to create. Especially if it's for Critical Role (I know a lot of you are fellow Critters 😉)

Now for the question I get asked most often: Will I ever publish these screenplays so you can read them too? YES. I actually have plans to publish these stories as illustrated screenplays, books with the full script and a ton of art that you can physically hold in your hands. I'll be running Kickstarter campaigns in the future to help me produce these books and I'm very excited about it.

But in the meantime, I've got a lot of work to do, and a lot of art to make, and your support of this Patreon can help me get there.


By becoming a Patreon supporter, you'll be helping me bring these stories to life in two very important ways!

First, you'll be helping me afford to take the time to work on these passion projects. As this Patreon grows, I can take less commissions and work on my projects more. I won't ever stop doing commissions fully, because they are in very high demand and I very much enjoy doing them. But being able to take more time to work on my own projects would mean the world to me, and your support can help me do that.

And secondly, by joining this Patreon, you're helping me build a community of people who believe in my work, can directly impact what I'm working on, and help me bring it to life. I love being able to talk with all of you, bounce ideas off of you, and get your opinions on new character designs. While I do keep a lot of the stories under wraps to avoid spoiling, I'm very open with the characters, and love it when you get involved in the process of bringing them to life in my art.

It's incredibly motivating to know there are people who have my back and are cheering me on as I create these stories.
100% complete
When we hit this goal, I will add quarterly swag boxes as a perk to $10+ patrons which will include prints, stickers, etc.

I will also purchase a DSLR camera and start making art videos on my Youtube channel (patrons will get early access). And if there is interest, I may also restart livestreams again.
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