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You've done it! You've survived long enough to be trusted outside the walls of People Town. As an adventurer, you will be tasked with long distance deliveries, exploring minor to moderate level dungeons, and countless fetch quests. Aren't you proud?
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You've been around the block. Been doing this for more years than you can count on two hands and what's left of your foot, and your better days are behind you. Instead, you spend your days in the guild tavern, grumping and grousing, and maybe telling the tenderfoots a story or two about your grand accomplishments. Sure, you embellish your feats, but no one's going to have the guts to call you out on it.
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About Orc and Gnome


We're Orc and Gnome, and we're creating Mild Adventures!

Orc and Gnome's Mild Adventures is a web comic that takes you to a magical land filled with adventure, mysterious creatures, endless danger, and says "No thank you." While other adventurers journey onward towards dazzling sunsets, fame, and fortune, Orc and Gnome have set their sights toward more reasonably-lit horizons and getting paid on time.

OGMA is not a series about evil wizards, slaying dragons (they are Gnome’s family members after all). Nor is it about finding lost princes or confronting evil twins. OGMA is a story about the value of a well lived life, no matter how grand or humble one’s goals are. It is also about adapting in difficult circumstances and finding joy in the little moments in between. But most of all, it is about love and how it is never what or where you expect it to be. And that is an adventure in itself.

We update on Fridays on our dedicated website, as well as on WebToon! We also update chapter by chapter (or half-chapters as the case may be) on Tapastic.

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