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About Olivia Montoya

Hi, I'm Olivia Montoya, and I guess the best way to describe me is as a creative type. I like to make things, especially DIY self published content and indie games, both analog and digital. I also like to talk about identity a lot.

I'm taking time off from school indefinitely, which is why I created this Patreon. While I now have a part time job as a graphic designer, I still have lots of student debt to pay off, and I'd like to continue being able to do my creative work. Even donating a dollar a month will help me a lot!

Right now I'm focusing more on game design/development, but don't worry! I still have more zine stuff in the works. Also, if you like my queer zines, you may like my queer, narrative-focused games, which I'll post about on this Patreon as well. Check out my games on Itch.io: http://metaparadox.itch.io/

Identities that are important to me include: 27 years old, queer, bi/panromantic, gray-aromantic, (gray) asexual, femme, autistic, chronically ill (I have multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism, several other chronic physical illnesses, and chronic depression and anxiety), neurodivergent, disabled, mixed Latinx, atheist, secular humanist, feminist, skeptic (in the “prefers to restrict my strong beliefs to those that are backed by concrete evidence as a means of protecting myself from manipulation” way, not the right-wing asshole way), programmer, nerd, and cat lover.

Zine-specific Info (I started this Patreon when zines were my biggest focus):

I've been involved in zine culture since Fall of 2014. Since I discovered zines I've made over 25 zines of my own, traded hundreds of zines with other zine-makers, edited the Asexual Content zine, helped found and run the Ace Zine Archive, run a zine blogcontributed to many compilation zines, tabled at several zine fests and other art events, run several zine workshops teaching about zines and how to make them, and almost completed work on a zine-trading social network Android app called Let's Trade Zines (which is unfortunately on my far back burner). Other projects include being the head organizer for the Litchfield County Zine Fest and creating a zine anthology book of the first seven issues of my personal zine (meta)paradox.

To find out more about my zine work, check out http://oliviareadszines.wordpress.com/my-zines/

I’m also on the Twitters @paradoxrevealed and Instagram @oliviam.11
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When I reach $25 per month, I'll release a patron-only zine PDF.
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