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About openSNP

With openSNP we have created a space where people can donate their personal genetics data (think of 23andMe genotypings for example), along with their phenotypic data (think eye color, health data or even quantified self data like Fitbit), into the public domain. This independent crowdsourcing effort gives people all over the world access to a rich human genetics data set and allows them to use it for novel research and other creative uses. So far data provided by openSNP has been used for research into pharmacogenomics and genomic privacy, for teaching in university courses and MOOCs and even to create art.

openSNP started out as – and still is – our small hobby project. Which means we are running it in our spare time – bleeding our own money since 2011™ – as we are firm believers in the idea of openness. The growth of openSNP shows us that we're on the right track with this: As of 2015 we have over 2100 genetic data sets and over 300 different phenotypes in our database. Additionally we have mined different public datases for thousands of annotations on the genetic variants stored in openSNP.

While we are over the moon by the growth and usage of openSNP, it also means that our current small server setup doesn't cut it any longer. With each new data set the site is growing a bit slower; making adding, browsing and downloading the data less fun. While throwing more computational powerat the problem sounds like just the solution we need, we are not able to fund this further expansion. As we would love to run openSNP independently from traditional academic institutions in the long run, we are asking for contributors who would be willing to contribute to keeping the lights on.

If you want to learn a bit more about openSNP you can watch a 4 minute lightning talk about the project from the 2015 Bioinformatics Open Source Conference.
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