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About OpenSourcES

Hi, I'm Ole Kröger and I currently do my PhD at the Humboldt university in Berlin, Germany. 
You're probably here because you read a blog article on OpenSourc.ES or watched a video on my new YouTube Channel . If not please check it out ;) 
Or are you one of the few people who watched me failing to code live on Twitch?

I learned quite a bit by coding stuff from scratch in Python and now I'm using Julia. Therefore I encourage you to start your own small project and start from scratch. Try to create your own library even if something similar exists already. If you're new to Julia programming and want to learn quickly please checkout my 50$ to get mentoring.

Until now I've built a Sudoku SolverSimplex Solver and I am currently coding a Constraint Solver as well as an animation library called Javis.jl

Besides that you also find some visualization posts on my blog and much more. My goal is to write down my progress and not just the end result as I think you can learn more that way.
I miss such blogs out there in the wild so if you know some please let me know.

Often it sounds too easy if I just read it but don't try it my own way. I hope I'm better at explaining it in some cases, because some days ago I had the same knowledge as you and then I figured it out.

In machine learning for example it is more like: Oh yeah you can use this framework and change some parameters. But how does it actually work in the background? That's the goal for myself to dive a bit deeper and implement methods from scratch.

I don't claim that my projects are doing exactly what the libraries are doing or are as fast. Of course not! It's normally done in a week by just myself for the short posts. Now for the series of the constraint solver it actually takes months to program it but there is a lot to learn from it. The idea is to get behind the scene and look how to code stuff from scratch.

Why did I create the Patreon page? Well my expenses aren't big just around 50 USD per year for server costs and sometimes a bit hardware. Nevertheless I would like to make it a living. Yeah I know it is a long way but I'm here to reach it.

Thanks to my patrons I have achieved the goal of 5$ per month in Oct 2019. My goal afterwards was to provide better content on a newer blogging platform where I have more freedom.
With your subscription you help me teach other people a bit about the awesome world of code and Julia!

If you learned something in one or more of my blog posts I would really appreciate if you donate 1$ per month to keep this project going.
You want to give a bit more for a shout out on every post and video?
That's what you get with 4$ a month ;)

Additionally, you can get help on your speedrun to master Julia for 50$ per month. I'll offer code reviews and mentoring. 

If you have some other ideas for tiers: Please reach out!
$84.40 of $450 per month
Enough to sustain living (as a student :D) and spend more and more time working on blog posts to be able to make a living out of it in the long run.
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