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About Justin Malik

There has to be a better way to consume your favorite blogs.

We all read blogs, but it can be painful, because:

  • Who wants to sit & stare at a screen for even more hours/day?
  • How do you find the best blog posts to read?
  • Who has the time to sit down and read them?
  • What about new authors that we're missing out on?

I created Optimal Living Daily to fix this. I teamed up with the best blogs I could find and got their permission to narrate their content. I also wanted to force myself to speak more--to confront my social & performance-based anxiety. It's a win-win.

What is Optimal Living Daily?

Optimal Living Daily is a Top Health Podcast where I simply narrate the best blogs for you. It has been listened to in nearly every country in the world. Because of its popularity, I turned Optimal Living Daily into a network of podcasts:

  • Optimal Living Daily - Narrating the best Personal Development, Minimalism, & Productivity Blogs
  • Optimal Finance Daily - Narrating the best Personal Finance & Frugality Blogs
  • Optimal Health Daily - Narrating the best Health & Fitness Blogs
  • Optimal Business Daily - Narrating the best Entrepreneurial & Business Blogs
  • Optimal Relationships Daily - Narrating the best Relationship Blogs

Why Patreon?

My business partner and I grew tired of our old business, which didn't truly add value to the world. I somehow convinced him to let me start a podcast where I narrate blogs instead. I would take $2500/month as a salary.

Producing these podcasts turned out to be more expensive than I thought:

  • Blog posts need to be found
  • Blog posts need to be read for content, word length/timing, readability
  • Every episode needs a script
  • Every episode needs to be recorded in a super-quiet environment (not at my place)
  • Mistakes need to be edited out
  • More editing to fix timing issues, noises, etc.
  • Episode needs to be tagged with information
  • MP3 needs to be created & uploaded
  • Episode title & description need to be written
  • Episode needs to be published along with a website post and social media mention
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Other activities: driving to record, responding to emails, etc.

  • Pay the hosts of the spin-off shows
  • Website hosting
  • Audio hosting (1000+ MP3 files)
  • Audio & video equipment
  • Travel back and forth to recording space
  • Audio & video software
  • Minimal help from freelancers
  • Mailing list service
  • Accounting software
  • Attempt to pay myself
As you can see, I could use your help.

Thank You

Every listener motivates me to keep going, even if the project loses money. I truly appreciate every listen and message I receive.
If you want to help make this sustainable, please consider contributing monthly. I offer bonuses as a little incentive.
With your help, I can create not only more episodes, but more shows, and have a sustainable income doing something that adds value to the world.

There is a better way to consume your favorite blogs.
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