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About Optimum Realism

I am creating cool looking texture-packs for Minecraft! I do all this for fun and I've been working on this project for a while. It's been an extremely joyful and immersive experience!. My textures will work fine on the SEUS shaders but for a better experience try more immersive shaders like KappaBSL shaders and other shaders like those. I'd personally recommend testing with your own choice of shaders with my resource pack, keep in mind they should all support PBR and POM which mean Physically Based Rendering and Parallax Occlusion Mapping respectively. Some of my textures are also 3d models for example rails and ladders to bring in the complete immersive experience.

Free download:

512x and above are Patreon members only.
Early access is available to all three tiers.

What is my resource pack?

I aim to create real-life graphics in a blocky game. The main purpose is to bring realism to the game while still making sure it supports a wide number of people. 

More about me:

Hi! I'm Atmosphere Of Tech, I am extremely passionate about this stuff and I make these for fun :) I create graphical assets as a hobby.

There are 3 main versions of the pack:

2. 512x
3. 1024x

Is it free?

Yes, the 128x version of the pack is free, for access to higher resolutions you need to join a tier.

How do I make them?

I use a combination of softwares to make my textures and enlighten the experience they provide to the fullest and to please the widest range of people. All of this is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of patience to make and completely proliferate the experience. Supporting this project helps me continue it and encourages me to keep on going.


1. Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5 or higher.
2.  Optifine
3. Any shaders like Kappa or SEUS.

How to Install?

1. Download the resource pack in the available resolutions, you need to be a Patreon to access resolutions higher than 128x
2. Copy the resource pack, then press Ctrl + R on your Windows and type in %appdata% then go to .minecraft/resource pack and paste the resource pack there.
3. Go to Minecraft, and then in settings click on resource-packs, then click on my resource pack and press done.
4. Then go to video settings and click on shaders, now choose the shaders which you downloaded.
I might make a more detailed guide in the future.

Optimum Realism's discord server:

I also have a youtube channel too!

I hope you enjoy your day!

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