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About Pampi

Hullo friends ! My name is Pampi

I work as a culture worker. I work in community. I fight for liberation! Keep me dancing singing and cheering for our world!

Even though much of my work starts off as a poem or song or a play, they are seeds to dance productions for In Divine Company, a social justice based movement group that experiments with choreography music soundscape interactive technologies and story.

Dance dramas have many working parts, and I find myself quite often doing a bit of all the bits to put together productions.

Currently (and always) I’m working on a smattering of projects. (Please hit the side arrow under Goals to browse through each project.) These projects include a popular education for a neighborhood grow plan; a puppet show re-interpretation of a popular children’s folk musical; a motion graphic of an adult bedtime story; and an interactive multi-media dance theater exploring iconic sculptures.

You will notice many involve writing. May I ask? For every dollar you put in a writing project, won't you consider putting a few in one of the larger productions over $1000. This way you will be supporting not just me but a community of artists I work with collaboratively. Together we can model the collective that In Divine Company aspires to be. 

I'm on Patreon because it is a platform that not only introduces me to new patrons but also it allows a way for family and friends to know how to support me. With this platform everyone can know what I am up to and identify the project they would like to see me develop. Patreon has its artists scale each project for the year and break down our budget into workable monthly installments. Art-making is labor and in this world where artist labor is not adequately supported, Patreon provides an opportunity for us to not only keep our communities engaged with the transformative power of art but keep bouyant the culture workers in this practice.

If you’ve made it through, please write me a note even if you can’t patron, and most especially, if you‘re moved by any of the projects, please share my link with a few people who you think might be excited to help manifest this work.

I hope I get to perform for you one day!

with you I am In Divine Company

$191 of $240 per month
Pathways to Reconciliation with Those Lost (interactive multimedia performance installation) tracing values back to our ancestry

$240 monthly investment supports me in solo choreography experiements
$1675 monthly investment support 5 culture workers + 2 advisors

Milestones: Pampi developed a seed choreography in residence for this production (showcased end of June 2019, The Dance Complex + Lion's Jaw Fall 2019 + invited to perform at deCordova Sculpture Park Summer 2020 (cancelled due to pandemic))

Pampi and Mattia developed musical skeleton, performed at FogxFlo Summer 2018

Project Description:
Curating a show that traces ancestral pathways and values, the fight to stay close to the earth, and those who abandoned her to build empire. The production involves live dance and music, interactive multimedia sound and performance installation, bodies extended through puppetry, and video projection. From our experience in all of these media we know that the blend draws a larger audience, and the immersive component can deeply touch people and communicate our themes.

The inspiration for the work is the culmination of many years working in community, developing skills, and believing in the power of the arts. Specifically, we know that art lets people dream about liberation and at its best, inspires them to action. Art that showcases diverse voices and faces, especially so. Dance and music, both as performance (through mirror neurons) and as an invitation to join in, bring people back into their bodies, which is the first step in healing from trauma. Being physically centered makes us more present to the needs of others.

Model staying in our bodies as resistance. Model resistance struggles as a dance. Model ancestral knowledge and pathways as an embodied phenomena that can be accessed together in community.

Make choreographic seed of each dancer's ancestral story

Weave together with research and by emerging themes

Experiment with live projection and hologram dance capture (important but not priority at this point)

Develop and present a 7 minute seed choreography of the strongest narrative with 5 dancers to the public

sound (wireless mics, amp, monitor)lighting (projection, scrim)staging (blackbox or outside at dusk - generator)

What themes or issues are central to your project?
Being rooted in the body and using that as a foundation for creating pathways to liberation. Balancing innovation and ancient arts and community practices. Intersectionality. Wellness. Indigenous sovereignty. Earth as mother, permaculture, and learning about the earth and how to care for it. Mourning practices and how to incorporate them as a tool of healing.

While these themes are intense and at times ambitious, we also see our art as play and have a light-hearted approach in engaging with the audience, especially in the moments of facilitation and between performances.

As a dance company, cooperation and shared leadership are key themes. Formalizing the company as a sustainable cooperative provides residencies and space to experiment -- key themes for full-time artists that want to give back to the communities that support us. From large-scale public art installations that integrate new dance, media, and music, to focusing on an individual envisioning a world with liberation for all.

Artist Statement:
In Divine Company makes dances for liberation rooted in the temple dance aesthetic of the Asian diasporas. For three years we have experimented with contemporary takes on the Bengali natak or dance drama. Miniature choreographies are narratively connected, showcasing the diverse choreographies of company members. With its tradition of stimulating community dialogue, the natak is an ideal performance tool for activism. As a “foreign” classical form made modern through experimenting with contemporary movement language (including popping the isolations) and embodied engagement with interactive and immersive media installations, our work addresses themes of identity, caste, class, race, gender, sexuality, disability, desire, resilience, violence, and the body politic.

We deconstruct classical Hindustani, Carnatic and Asian folk styles, collaging Americana with hip-hop, poetry with taal, industrial and found sound. We also juxtapose dance technology and traditional puppetry, applying the element of surprise to draw in and educate a hyper-connected modern audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Our process begins with a concept, inspired through deeply listening to local needs. Informed by liberation texts, we distill big concepts and epiphanies into narrative images, theatrical elements, and movement. In and out of the studio, we record ourselves improvising based on central choreographic seeds, and slowly draw out a cohesive set of movements that illuminate the story, concepts, or feelings behind the piece. We work collaboratively, providing facilitated feedback, and we perform our works-in-progress in order to practice community responsiveness.

We are deeply honored to be regularly invited to engage with communities through performance. We have been developing a meditative community dance initiative which pulls audience to participate first through improvised chant and gradually simultaneously movement, which engages both people who attend only once and those who come back to multiple meetings. Performance and connection to the body through music and dance should be for everyone.

Project Timelines:
Art is always important when the world is hurting, and especially the kind of art that draws people in and builds community. In Divine Company has been on partial hiatus for the past couple of years due to Pampi's health, and as they are returning to wellness it’s important the Company reconvene as a vibrant and diverse group of artists.

As for the production itself, it’s larger and more complex than Pampi has been able to commit to until recently. They are excited at the prospect of finally seeing the seeds of the choreographies, costuming, and musical elements grow into their mature form.

For the past several years Pampi has been studying and practicing permaculture as a landscaper and developing a deepening connection with the land. Recently, they finally glimpsed that the practice of reciprocity with the land can model pathways to reconciliation. Audiences are more ready than ever to engage with indigenous and ancestral teachings and the harm empire cultures have had on our world. "Pathways to Reconciliation" will be a sensual exploration that helps us perceive acknowledge and make peace with our ancestors and friendships lost so we may move forward with less suffering.

"Dance keeps choosing me." "Pathways to Reconciliation" is rooted in three years of sitting and quiet mediation as Pampi was recovering from chronic illness. They are excited they can move their bones and have the energy and spirit to embrace other lovely bodies in manifesting all that we have learned in relation to deeply showing up for our communities. Our career goal is to be a working artist at a co-op we help build. Our artistic goal is to continue culture work interdependently. Making dances is a practice of community building.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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