Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev (hip0)

Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev (hip0)

Creating Help guides on Free Software Linux, *BSD OS and Scripting

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    About Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev (hip0)

    Who am I?

    My name is Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev and I am the person behind a site dedicated to help people starting with IT technology, Computer Security, System Administration, and Script development as well as help daily Free Software enthusiasts sys admins and start-up programmers.
    I am developing Pc-Freak.Net over the last 8+ years. The project idea originated back in the 2000s and is now about 18 years old. Back in the 2000, PcFreak used to be back then a small community of people who shared their obsession on Technology and having the wild dream to become Hackers / Security Specialists and general IT learning .

    History of Pc Freak

    The community's main communication channel was the IRC (Internet Relay Network) UniBG ( #pcfreak channel. Back in the day most of the people involved in the project had very basic skills on IT technology and were computer starters  quick learners (maniacs) who wanted to become a pro programmers / system admins and security expert hackers. In fact the name says it all we were actually a teenagers with the goal to be as free as possible and this freedom for us was seen in the Computers and the emerging internet. It all came to happen magically and about 8-10 people become quickly a team (The PCFreak Crew) - the old PcFreak Community site is here.

    Most of the crew members were strong believers in Free Software and that Free Software is the only path to true Digital freedom.
    Everyone was helping his neighbor to grow and sharing his knowledge in GNU / Linux free software and Windows tricks and hacks and programming skills with each other  within the community.
    We had a few times a community gatherings and it was a habit for 2 / 3 people part of PcFreak to spend a few Hackathon nights at the other member home.

    With time the our community dismembered and I ( hip0) was the only one left who continued the project in the form of a one man project with the main part of website a blog that aimed to share what I learned with the years as an IT expert .

    My vision for Pc-Freak.NET is to grow it up to the point where it becomes the Biggest self-serviced community of volunteers who will help each other in developing their Computer engineering skills and help the neighbor.
    Currently there is not much start-up networks for free software IT professionals besides StackOverflow and ServerFault and Ubuntu Forum / Debian, Fedora Linux commuinties.

    Why Pc-Freak.NET need your Support to continue its existence is hosted on a home brew Debian Linux server in my town home city Dobrich Bulgaria and the equipment which it is ran on costs me money. Currently the server hosting the project is Lenovo 1607R3G ThinkCentre Edge71 with a UPS and ISP. The overall expenses for having the project online account to about 700 EUR per year (the costs include the hardware equipment) depreciaton and the Internet bandwidth costs this doesn't include the innumerous hours I have already put to write a long articles describing various problems I have faced in the IT field within my career as a Senior System Administration / Senior System Engineer and Dev Ops and a part time hired freelancer that writes occasionally in PHP / MySQL and builds small websites in Wordpress / Joomla etc.

    What I will use your money for

    1. Paying the internet bills monthly 20 $

    I know for most 40 bucks are nothing but as I am not full-time employed sometimes finding money for such small amounts puts extra weight on my living budget.

    2. The Internet account expenses for secondary ISP to make access to the Web Server server resources accessible (that would mean another 15 EUR monthly)

    3. Purchasing a new Hardware

    (Currently the hardware server machinez that hosts the project is starting to become obsolete and needs replacement in the coming 6 months maximum to year)
    As the website traffic is growing on daily basis, often the server load is becoming high and server responses become sluggish.

    4. Domain name and IP costs

    The overall costs per year are as little as 20$ but this is money from my own pocket.

    5. Backup expenses - currently everything is backed up to External Hard Drive
    (a second one needed)

    That costed me 3 external disks 1x2GB about 100 EUR cost and 2xSeagate BackupHup each hosts costed 150 EUR, however the hard drive is starting to get filled with Data as the site grows and the disks needs to get replaced every 4 years or so not to mention, I will need to buy more with time and that's an expense from my own pocket ..

    6. Money for buying another server machine where to set-up a small CDN
    in order to speed up further the website responce time, so visitors enjoy an improved website experience.

    7. Money needed for building a Pc Freak's Communication Platform

    I am looking to raise some money to build a well working social network for hackers around (I know this project is grandiose but I believe it can become reality and all depends on putting a lot of work and investments.

    8. Money to pay a part of my food, dormitory expenses

    (and payback at least small portion of the great amount of time and effort I  put daily for the last 10 years to make the project survive.). 
    As I get no donations I lately think about closing it up complely if something does not change in coming year.
    $0 of $700 per month
    Will be able to pay expenses for DNS / Hosting / Bandwidth and Electricity! Yai!
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