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About Pixels for Breakfast

The Who
Hi everyone! I'm Pixels for Breakfast (Steve Heller), former game journalist (Game Informer, The Escapist, MMGN + more), current game developer (Orwell, Hacknet, Screencheat + more), living in Tokyo, Japan. I have spent most of my life analyzing and pulling the threads of what makes video games so special to many of us, and now after quite a few years on the development side of the medium, I want to explore the notion of delivering independent games criticism as an open-ended discussion, not just a score at the end of a review. 

The Why
Streaming is not necessarily a money maker, and while I'm truly grateful for the the subs and donations that I do receive via Twitch every month, it's hard to take the plunge from a full-time job into this space as an independent without a baseline income. Support via Patreon can go a long way to take this from very serious hobby to the bigger picture ideas that I want to strive towards in 2021 and beyond.

The Plan
My plan has always been to build Pixels for Breakfast high enough that it could become a sustainable part-time venture for myself and perhaps a few other people. That is still the currently plan. I also hope to build towards a place where I can get to work on Neon Skies, an isometric vaporwave adventure that explores the quirks of growing up in the middle of nowhere, trying to find yourself, and fitting in while the world effortlessly passes you by. The long-term perfect world goal would be I could work on Pixels for Breakfast part-time, and develop Neon Skies on the side. 

The Content 
My baseline goal for 2021 is: 
  • 2 YouTube videos per week 
  • 3 Twitch streams per week 
  • 2 feature videos (retrospective, location shoot, or studio piece) for the year

The Rewards
It's very important to me that none of the actual content is locked behind a paywall. Sometimes people don't have any money, and silly streams and videos on the internet is enough to get them through a hard time. So I've chosen rewards that are incidental, some nice bonus features that bring you into my process, and offer further insight into my content. This is something that I'd like to work on more with YOUR input, so jump in the Discord and let's chat about it! 

The Community 
I just wanted to say thank you to the amazing community members we have here at Pixels for Breakfast. This has been an incredible journey, filled with fan meetups, gaming conventions, late nights on Twitch, ridiculous conversations on Discord, constant reminders that there is some humanity left in the world, and I couldn't have made it this far without each and every one of you. So let's do this, let's make 2021 the year! 
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The ability to pay Vallenx (my editor) a minimum wage! 
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