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Hooray! The Multiverse is proud of you.
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Your contribution is impressive enough that you get to have a cameo (fighting against the Nothing and all that)! Let me know how you'd like yourself to appear. It can be your own self or a character of your choosing. And from Earth, another Prime, or somewhere on the Planes! (No insanely detailed outfits, though, please. You want updates to get finished, don't you?)
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So, for being a super awesome person, I'll send you a printed, signed, panel (or panels, up to an episode in length). Is that cool? I hope it's cool.




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About Travers Jordan

I'm Travers Jordan, author of Planescape Survival Guide!  (and also co-author of Harry Potter Comics, but that's a tale for another website.) Since 2005, I've been producing Planescape on a rather... unpredictable basis. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, more frequently somewhere in between.

So! What can be done? How about some good old capitalism? That's right, this whole thing is all about incentivizing me. (Which SHOULD mean getting more frequent episodes. I know. Awesome, right?) I don't know if I can up the rate back up to weekly on a consistent basis, given job and etc., but! By golly, let's give it a go, eh?
$32.40 of $50 per Episode
So... not that I don't plan to update the vote incentives eventually, but... at this level, I'll do a new one at least once a month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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