I miss live music so much! Both as a performer and as a spectator. There's nothing like it. The performers on stage, the songs they play, the audience in attendance, in a particular venue on a particular night. The energy created is unique to that time and place.


I can't replicate that, but this is my way to scratch the itch somewhat.

As a part of my new project, Consider the Source, I'll be including live performances of songs that are topically relevant. Sure, they're not live in front of you. But they are performances recorded live in one take. No editing, just raw and human with all the little nuances and imperfections. We may not be able to be together in one room, but until then, this is as close as I can get.

You'll see songs as they develop – and ones that get a more complete treatment with the band. This is one such song, called Wear That Glow. I've been working on this for a while, since I'm fascinated about how our devices are changing our relationships.

What you see here is the "simple" initial version, which I submitted to the band for development a few months ago. We worked on it together via Slack and Zoom and trading files and mixes. That's the way it works in today's moment. Here's the result – the full band version of this song. Our treatment of it is very different, lush and soft and beautiful.

Personally, I love seeing the creative process of others – and I invite you to be a part of mine. I promise to try keep it from being self-serving… because well, that sucks.


Future posts of this type will be for patrons only. I invite you to join at any level. Why charge a cover?

I want this to be an actual community of people who really want to be here. Otherwise it's just spraying this all over social to no one who wants to hear from me. That sucks. I'm tired of that dynamic and I'll bet you are too. Be here because you want to be. And I'll be here for you.

Social isn't connecting us, it's pushing us apart. It might be counterintuitive, but a tiny payment is a signal that you are committed to being a part of this. And I'll underscore if it's not obvious: I made it as cheap as I could ($1) so that it's not a real impediment. People can offer more in support (thank you!), but I wanted this project to have a different flavor. I give away any of my paid courses away for free to anyone who asks – I'm not about building walls. Communities makes commitments to one another, social bonds start with mutual support.


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