Commentary | Spider-Man: Homecoming

Get me the Birdman.

There haven't been a lot of constants in the 10+ years since Pretty Much It launched, but there has been at least one...


Half a decade ago, Jake, Mike, & I did commentary tracks for the original Tobey trilogy, as well as the Andrew series, but we never got around to Tom.

Now, in anticipation of all of our favorite Spidey characters returning in No Way Home, it's finally time for us to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We have a lot of problems with MCU Spidey, but a few years removed from it are we able to find more to enjoy than we could back when it was first released? We can't help that we grew up with Tobey, and even Andrew to a point, but perhaps Tom will surprise us upon rewatch.

...or does Iron Man's looming shadow over this franchise make him the ultimate villain?

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