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Hellfire Prison [48x79] - Special Collaboration with Questiary!

Hey everyone!

This is a super special release as it's our first collaboration with our new czepeku project Questiary! neeewwww project!

Deep in the realms of devils, atop a lonely stone cast out on the lava sea, stands the Hellfire Prison where the worst souls are ferried for torture and incarceration. Come here to rescue your sinful paladin or extract secrets from the lich prisoners.

Questiary releaeses daily illustrated monsters for fifth edition dnd! We're up to 133 already. :D This is a project me and Peku started with some friends of ours with a simple goal. When we started out making battlemaps our hope was that we could lift the tide of what was possible. And now we're doing that again with monsters.

Each week we design a new boss who we give a name and a title and then we come up with 6 minions and related monsters. That way each week you have a monster you can set a one-shot or a short campaign around.

This week we've created Gaz'Gan the Maimed Incarcerator! The devil who runs this terrifying Hellfire Prison map! All patrons can grab the free Boss Guide using the link below!

Gaz'Gan the Maimed Incarcerator Boss Guide

We also made an awesome website that helps you to find monsters for your campaign. Search by region, CR, monster type, etc. It's super useful!

To get database access for Questiary for free for a month just use this link:

You can also try out our new Questiary Foundry VTT content by downloading the JSON file here!

We just launched our Foundry VTT tier and there's a limited number of early bird spots at 40% off for those interested. :)

Please check out Questiary and please leave us comments here or on Discord of what you think of our newest project! We're incredibly excited to see what you all think!


Hellfire Prison - $1 Rewards

Hellfire Prison - $3 Rewards

Hellfire Prison - $5 Rewards (Gridded Pt.1)

Hellfire Prison - $5 Rewards (Gridded Pt.2)

Hellfire Prison - $5 Rewards (Gridless Pt.1)

Hellfire Prison - $5 Rewards (Gridless Pt.2)


This week's map variations:

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