Himitsu Project devlog#7: Gamecamp and polish

Bonsoir ^^

I hope you've been doing well. I'm just back home after an incredible week. I got the chance to go to the GameCamp, a professional game industry event in Lille France. It was the first time since 2019 I got to do a game event and meet with the game industry again, I can't say how much I miss doing that. It was really motivating to see everyone again after so long and told them about the project. I also got the chance to meet with a few publishers so who knows what might be in stores for the project future! Let me tell you a bit more about what I worked on in September!

I) Preparing the GameCamp

I went to the GameCamp a few times in the past, I was supposed to do a talk there last year but it was canceled due to covid. Since I registered to attend the 2021 edition, I knew it would be kind of a comeback for me after so long, so I had to be prepared. That's why I started to work on a pitchdeck document to explain in details what the game is, what is currently done and what we want for the future. 

In order to make an impact, I asked Valentin Seiche to work on the first Key Art of the game, which he managed to do even though he had a very short time. Here is the first draft he send me:

And the final version, which I'm very happy with ^^

The pitchdeck was also the occasion to explain some of the core systems of the game, like the symbiosis system (which I explained in a previous devlog).

And the spell system which I never showed publicly before (now you'll get why I'm talking about a huge Golden Sun inspiration as spells and puzzles will be a big part of the exploration). I'll talk about that feature more in the future.

Pixel Boy and his brother AAA also helped a lot to make the document pretty, and I want to thanks the people I asked feedback too, the final document was very well received. If you are a publisher or fund and want to learn more about the project, please contact me.

II) New animations and gameplay elements

Preparing the event was not all, we are also in the polishing phase of our Vertical slice prototype, replacing all the placeholders assets and adding animations to make it juicier. Here is a new FX for Jeanne Air attack:

And a new FX for Mylene charged attack:

We worked on some icons for character types, spell types and many more! Here are the various elements.

I also reworked the puzzle system, to make ground switch active only if something is on it, and to make it work with elements you can push. It will allow for cool puzzles later, I can't wait to start level designing with all those mechanics!

III) What's next

In October I will have a bit less time to work on the game as I will be supporting gamedev students with their school projects, but I still hope I'll manage to finish the development of the game vertical slice, which will be very important to convince publisher to sign and support the game. I'm very happy with the game progress and confident about where we are going. The gamecamp talks gave me a lot of inspiration and I can't wait to make the game come to life. The other systems I hope I'll have time to manage is enemy AI (my current arch nemesis ahah).

Have a great day and a nice spooky month ^^ 

🐙Thank you for your support!  🐙

Links: https://linktr.ee/ChrisDeneos

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